BarMUN IV Awards & Coffee and Convo

by Emily on November 4, 2011

This article was provided by Alexandra Solomon, the Chargée d’Affaires of BarMUN IV

The Secretariat after closing ceremonies

At BarMUN IV, we chose to define our substantive program on the basis of a question about international politics that we sought to answer, why do we fight? We posited that both ideological and economic motivations are the main rationales for conflict, and so our choices about what committees to simulate and what crisis plans to employ were built around this theory.

In accordance with all of this, we hosted our first ever Coffee and Conversation event at the end of the conference where delegates could get together with the Chief Crisis Coordinators and two Crisis Directors over some refreshments to actually share their crisis stories from the weekend and engage in an analysis of what drove them forward throughout. The conversation was highly successful! We feel that some serious progress was made towards figuring out why certain events in our simulation happened as they did and we believe we have truly come to better understand how the two different motivations for conflict blend together and interact to drive world events forward


Best Large Delegation: University of Pennsylvania
Outstanding Large Delegation: Brown University
Best Small Delegation: University of Texas at Austin
Outstanding Small Delegation: Middlebury College

The following colleges also had individuals recognized for awards: Boston College, Emmanuel College, Northeastern, George Mason, Wellesley, US Coast Guard Academy, Smith, and Simmons.

Congratulations to all the delegates for solving a crisis-filled weekend!


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