Bi-Weekly UN Recap #1

by Joey Moore on February 18, 2017


Research is one of the main pillars of Model United Nations. Strong, up-to-date research can really set a delegate apart from the rest. We at Best Delegate understand the importance of research in a delegates argument and resolutions and are beginning a new segment: Bi-weekly United Nations Recaps. With these articles, we aim to help delegates keep their information up-to-date and reliable as well as providing general knowledge about the happenings of the UN to the community.

Not only do the facts behind the research matter, but staying on country policy is of utmost importance when formulating a resolution paper. By compiling and summarizing a list of articles, we hope you can find a way to relate this information to whatever committee you may find yourself in. The United Nations is a constantly changing atmosphere and if you take your eyes off the main stories for even a month your information could be incorrect, and hopefully this information can help prevent that.

The following is a list of key events that have taken place recently in the United Nations that we feel are important to know:

Following the turn of the new year Ban-Ki Moon completed his 10 year term and was succeeded by previous UN High Commissioner for Refugees, António Guterres of Portugal. Secretary General Guterres outlines his goals for obtaining sustainable peace throughout the global Community. Guterres stated that in order to strengthen prevention efforts against violence, human rights must be of utmost importance and we must, “ensure that women are free from violence and discrimination.” Guterres feels that these approaches are crucial to obtaining sustainable development.


January saw both a change of Secretary Generals and a new make up of the United Nations Security Council. Following the inauguration of President Donald J. Trump, Trump appointed a new US ambassador to the UNSC, Nikki Haley. Nikki Haley, previous Governor of South Carolina, was confirmed by the Senate with an overwhelming majority of 96-4. Haley also pledged to, “support Israel in the U.N. and to stand up for America’s best interests.”


As of recently there has been a continuation of fighting in eastern Ukraine leading to the death of civilians in the area. The UN Security Council recently continued discussion on this topic after recognizing how the situation and safety is deteriorating. Top UN officials explain the dire situation and move towards peace in the area. “The members of the Security Council called for an immediate return to a ceasefire regime.” Regarding concerns the Trump administration would attempt to appease Russia, Nikki Haley states, “Crimea is a part of Ukraine.”


Finally, the United Nations maintains discussion regarding fighting in South Sudan. The fighting has lead to displacement of the people as well as the Security Council taking action against the transitional government. The Council also states that any parties involved with targeting civilians may be subject to sanctions due to partaking in war crimes. The UN has been praised by both parties for their continuing efforts to facilitate communications between them.


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