CCCMUN Liveblog: Delegates Learned About Countries, Made Friends, and Want to Change the World

by KFC on November 7, 2011

The Best Delegates at CCCMUN

During my Opening Ceremonies speech, I told delegates that their Model UN journey could lead them to three experiences this weekend: learning about other countries, making new friends, and becoming inspired to change the world. When I asked delegates during my Closing Ceremonies speech who felt like they had experienced each of the three, it seemed as though the entire room had their hands up. And that is evidence of “the dots” that will somehow connect in the future and lead these students to changing the world.

Here’s are photos of delegates in action:


The Athenian School poses for Best Delegate. Advisor Kal Balavenkatesan is one of Best Delegate's earliest fans!

Delegates made new friends from other schools during lunch

Sri Lanka (San Ramon Valley) expresses his point of view from a developing country's perspective to Japan in the ASEAN Regional Forum

Japan (Campolindo) supports stricter intellectual property rights as a developed country in the ASEAN Regional Forum

China (Athenian School) has to defend her country's poor intellectual property rights record in the ASEAN Regional Forum. (She would go on to win Best Delegate)

Egypt (Athenian School) makes a speech in DISEC

Bosnia & Herzegovina (San Ramon Valley) makes a comment in the Security Council

Sponsors present their resolution in the Security Council

Brazil (Antioch) makes her point during unmoderated caucus in SOCHUM

China (Athenian School) and Turkey (San Ramon Valley) take in ideas for a draft resolution in SOCHUM. (China would go on to win Best Delegate)

Delegates swarm bloc leader Egypt (Athenian School) as she leads the resolution-writing process

Sudan (San Ramon Valley) makes a speech in the World Health Organization

Madagascar (Northgate) engages another delegate in a discussion during unmoderated caucus in the World Health Organization

Debate gets heated

Portugal (Las Lomas) is not convinced by another delegate's idea

Delegates enjoy a lighter moment during an otherwise intense unmoderated caucus

The African Union dais enjoying chairing the committee

Kenya (De La Salle) makes a speech in the African Union

Delegates listen during an unmoderated caucus

Time to vote! Delegates in the African Union raise their placards in favor of a resolution.

Campolindo High School won the Best Delegation award. The Athenian School, San Ramon Valley, De La Salle, and Deer Valley Law Academy also put in strong performances. Other schools with award winners include: Carondelet, Acalanes, Marin Academy, Dougherty Valley, Liberty, Northgate, Livermore Valley Charter, Antioch, and Las Lomas.

Campolindo won Best Delegation

All the Best Delegates pose for!

Congrats to Secretary-General Kirsten Turney, the entire UC Davis staff, and the rest of the Contra Costa County Office of Education team for a job well done!

Congrats to the UC Davis staff!


Also, check out local news coverage of the conference!

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