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CMUNCE Day 3: Drug Cartels, RNC, and more!

by KFC on January 15, 2011

Best Delegate‘s Kevin Felix Chan joins in on the liveblogging action at CMUNCE! Let’s jump right into the the crises in the Confederation of Cartels and the Republican National Convention. We also have photos from the Organization of American States, the Ad Hoc Committee of the Secretary-General, the Committee on Northern Ireland, and the Boxer Rebellion.

Confederation of Cartels

The abductor explains to the committee what will happen to the drug lord:

Later, another drug lord’s family is held hostage and threatened to be executed:

Republican National Convention

The debate gets heated on who should be on the Presidential ticket — and then one candidate announces that he will be running on a separate, rival ticket and takes half the committee with him. Will the delegates join him and split the committee into a joint crisis?

Here are photos from other committees:

Drafting a resolution in the Organization of American States
The Ad Hoc committee ponders over new intelligence on China
Lots of issues to address in Northern Ireland after a midnight crisis session
Debating the course of action in the Boxer Rebellion

CMUNCE is doing a great job at putting on the crises and all the kids are loving it! And of course, the crisis staff is enjoying putting on all the action:

CMUNCE Crisis Staff

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