CMUNCE Day 3: Peter Pan & Harry Potter Mashup?!

by Ryan on January 15, 2011

All of the committees I’ve visited at CMUNCE are very creative and delegates are having a lot of fun. But the most outlandish committee I’ve seen so far has been a simulation of Peter Pan & the Lost Boys. Today’s committee session involved a finding hidden treasure, solving riddles, and…Harry Potter?!

Delegates began the day trying to find buried treasure. They were given a treasure map and a series of riddles to solve.

The committee took a break and two delegates started a Harry Potter trivia contest. One delegate appeared to be winning…until one of the chairs stepped in and put this delegate in her place:

And, not going to lie, the committee has charmed me. They offer chocolates and Chex mix whenever I visit — and they even got me a rose!

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