by KFC on January 19, 2011

CTMUN Office of the Secretary-General

Roughly 500 high school students from around Texas gathered at the University of Texas at Austin last weekend for their sixth annual Central Texas Model United Nations (CTMUN) conference.

The conference featured ten committees — seven traditional UN committees, a joint crisis between NATO and the Warsaw Pact, and the Security Council. The conference made the local news and was led by Secretary-General Courtney Lee.

Of particular note at CTMUN is the attention to detail and authentic design of the crisis updates and communiques.

CTMUN Board of Directors Vice Chair Andrew Roush said:

We were very proud to have some innovative, high-level crisis stuff happening, and are well on our way to becoming a destination conference for crisis in Texas.

Best Delegate got a hold of some of the crisis updates from committee:

NATO crisis update

Scientific American website

CIA Cable

Looks like it kept a lot of delegates up out of their seats for some active debate!

CTMUN Security Council in caucus

Congratulations to all involved for a great conference!


Thanks to CTMUN Board of Directors Vice Chair Andrew Roush for providing the update!

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