Fall 2011 College Model UN Rankings: Top 11-15

by KFC on December 15, 2011

Boston University -- dressed in teams colors -- is one of several teams that have contended for delegation awards this Fall

Which college Model UN teams are the best on the circuit? We devised a rankings system that answers this question in order to recognize the top teams on the college circuit for their accomplishments.

Please read the revised methodology article first before jumping into the rankings. We clarify in the article our purpose for doing rankings, our philosophy that drives what we value in the rankings, which schools and conferences are included in the World Division (this ranking applies to only this circuit), and improvements in our methodology.

With that said, here are the top 11-15 teams on the college circuit! Most of these teams have contended for a delegation award and showed potential to break into the top 10.

Fall 2011 College Model UN Rankings: World Division Top 11-15

11. College of William & Mary

William & Mary has yet to win a delegation award, but they’ve been very close. Using our weighted score methodology, W&M placed 5th at SCSY and 5th at CMUNNY, and the team also had awards at NCSC. William & Mary is the highest ranked team that did not attend UPMUNC — that signals that the team could be under-ranked at the moment in terms of competitiveness. We’ll find out if the team gets back up to the top 10 when the season resumes for them at McMUN. W&M’s Head Delegate is Anushree Banerjee.

12. New York University

The relatively new NYU team continues it meteoric rise up the rankings. It started the season hanging with more traditional powerhouses as it placed 4th at CMUNNY behind only U.Chicago, Georgetown, and Harvard. The team then added a top 10 finish at NCSC to its record. It’s also notable that NYU received the most verbal commendations of any team at UPMUNC, but unfortunately those are not counted in our methodology. But if we took that into account, it could mean that the team is also better than where it’s currently ranked. Will NYU continue to rise next semester? NYU will continue to attend conferences and host its own, NYUMUNC, next semester. NYU is led by Head Delegates Akshay Anantharaman and Zach Halberg.

13. Emory University

It’s still difficult to figure out just exactly how good Emory is, but we know they’re good. The team’s highlights include placing 2nd at DISCon and a top-10 finish at NCSC. The team also won awards at CMUNNY and competed at UPMUNC.¬†Consistency — and solid performances like it had at last year’s HNMUN — will be key for the team as it looks to firmly establish itself in the rankings. Emory is led by co-Presidents Gina Chirillo and Dan Ziment.

14. Boston University

BU is off to a strong start with a top 10 result at UPMUNC and awards at CMUNNY. This is on pace with what the team accomplished last year when it also had a top 10 showing at UPMUNC. BU will look to add to its resume when it potentially attends McMUN, HNMUN, WorldMUN, and/or VICS next semester. Boston University is led by Head Delegate Jessica Merrell.

15. Columbia University

It’s a bit surprising to find Columbia ranked at #15 after impressive performances such as winning a Best Small Delegation at SCSY and finishing in the top 10 at NCSC. Upon closer examination, every team ranked above it has attended either more conferences or if they only attended two, one of them was UPMUNC. This means that Columbia’s strength of schedule is just lower at the moment according to our methodology and the actual quality of the team may be higher than their Fall rank suggests. Head Delegates Chuck Roberts and Elias Stallard-Olivera and their team will have more chances to impress when the season re-starts in the winter.


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  • Anonymous

    FSU better be in the top 10 this time around

    • Anonymous

      Has FSU ever been competitive at a major collegiate conference? I have been to quite a good number of such conferences and have never really noticed their presence on the awards spectrum. Furthermore, many of FSU’s delegates are often extremely ineffective because they think that being the loudest and most obnoxious delegate makes you the best delegate. For anyone who has actually conducted diplomacy in any form or interned in any respectable business, we know this to be false. The comments made by FSU delegates on The Circuit after last year’s Model UN “season” had finished adequately reinforce this point.

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