Five College Model United Nations (FCMUN) 2012: Women’s Rights, Hostages, the Pope, and the Big Gavel

by KFC on April 2, 2012

Secretary-General Annah Kim Nelson-Feeney bangs a large gavel to close FCMUN V.

The Five College Model United Nations (FCMUN) celebrated its fifth year this year. The fifth year is when we deem a conference to have matured from its early years as the founding class has graduated by now. With this growth in place, the conference is stronger than ever, and we explain why below. Check out the liveblog of the conference!

Mount Holyoke College has traditionally hosted the conference but it has since developed stronger ties with the rest of the Five College consortium in the region to make it a truly Five College event and draw the best talent from all the MUN teams to staff this conference. Joe from UMass Amherst, who did a great job playing the Pope, was a prime example of this. The conference has embraced its small committee atmosphere and the crises were well thought out, well acted by the crisis staff, and well supported with supplementary materials such as board maps. In its leadership role as a women’s college, Mount Holyoke continues to invite women’s college alumna to speak at Opening Ceremonies — Gillian Sorenson from the UN Foundation spoke this year — and include a women’s rights themed committee in the lineup. Finally, FCMUN has continued to keep the fun aspects of its conference going including its home-stays for delegates and its blacklight party on Saturday night.

Here’s the liveblog of FCMUN V. Like usual, we take photos of delegates who were actively involved in debate or leading their committees. Also, make sure to check out the FCMUN V Facebook page for more photos!

Delegates get into heated debate on the image of women's rights organizations as terrorist groups in the British Women's Suffrage Movement 1905-1914

A delegate debates whether terrorism leads to political clout or fewer allies during the British Women's Suffrage Movement 1905-1914

I personally found it fitting that Mount Holyoke, a women's college, provided a setting to simulate a women's rights movement that allowed both men and women to participate.

Five College MUN made good use of Tumblr for crisis updates and guest speakers who were in character. Here a crisis staffer representing the Irish Republican Brotherhood tries to bait the British women's group into joining forces during the British Women's Suffrage Movement 1905-1914.


France discusses the military action on Libya in NATO. FCMUN makes good use of board maps to visually display troop movements.

The United States (Florida State) speaks in the NATO cabinet

The Netherlands accuses Russia of betraying NATO

So what happened to Russia? The Libyan rebels eventually captured him and debated on his fate:

The Russian delegate (Reed College) gets captured and blindfolded by the Libyan rebels. The chair and another delegate hold him by gunpoint. The Russian delegate did an excellent job trying to negotiate his own release as Libyan rebels (delegates) decided on whether or not to kill him. Russia ended up winning Best Delegate in the NATO side.

Delegates in action in Mexico 68: Massacre at Tlatelolco

The Arab cabinet contemplate their decisions after a crisis update in the Six Day War joint crisis

Joe from UMass Amherst did an excellent job chairing the Treaty of Tordesillas. "Silence in the House of God!"

Delegates on the Spanish side come up with their case against Portugal in the Treaty of Tordesillas committee

Delegates on the Portuguese side come up with their defense... even though God may not believe them in the Treaty of Tordesillas

Delegates react to a crisis update in the After Abbottabad: Pakistan Military Cabinet

The crisis staff for the Troy cabinet get dressed up in the Trojan War joint crisis

Delegates in the Trojan cabinet of the Trojan War joint crisis

Delegates discuss troop movements in the Greek cabinet in the Trojan War joint crisis

The Five College MUN Secretariat

Secretary-General Annah Kim Nelson-Feeney bangs a large gavel to close FCMUN V.


Best Delegation: Florida State University

Outstanding Delegation: State University of New York, Geneseo

Florida State and SUNY Geneseo traditionally send a full team to FCMUN and have a budding rivalry here. Florida State won Best Large Delegation again and SUNY Geneseo took home Outstanding Large Delegation. Penn State, Columbia, Rutgers, and Clark also won multiple individual delegate awards.

Florida State continued its winning streak at FCMUN by winning Best Delegation in the 2012 edition of the conference

SUNY Geneseo received the Outstanding Delegation award at FCMUN 2012

Congrats to all the staff and delegates on a successful and fun conference!

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