Five Reasons Why You Should Attend Five College MUN (FCMUN) V

by Emily on March 4, 2012

This guest post was provided by Vanessa Keverenge ’14, Director of Publicity at Five College Model United Nations

The Five College Model United Nations conference will be in its fifth year this year, so here are five reasons you should attend!

5. The keynote speaker our opening ceremonies is Gillian Sorensen, who is currently the Senior Advisor and National Advocate at the United Nations Foundation. She was appointed by Secretary General Kofi Annan to serve as Assistant Secretary General  for External Relations. She is currently a member of the Council on Foreign Relations as well as the Women’s Foreign Policy group. She has an amazing wealth of experience in public service and will be available for a Q & A session. This is a benefit of a smaller conference that focuses in depth on delegate reaction to crisis as well as delegate interaction.

4.  FCMUN always features a surprise element that is not revealed until much later in the conference. Last year’s FCMUN IV featured the role of “secret delegates” acting as a mole within the crisis room to deceive the delegates. Come to FCMUN V and find out what the twist will be this year.

3. The FCMUN conference is unique in that it features a home-stay option for delegates, where they get to experience college life at the Mount Holyoke College campus as well as establish deeper connections with FCMUN staffers and other delegates, an experience found nowhere else on the college MUN circuit.

2.  The committees for FCMUN V will blow your mind. This conference features committees with historical settings. The Under Secretary General of Committees, Courtney Lee says “The best part about historical committees is that they enable the delegates to diverge from a timeline and write their own history with unique focus topics”. These topics include but aren’t limited to the Trojan War and the Suffragettes movement.

The number 1 reason why you should come to FCMUN V is FC, stands for Five College, that’s five colleges bringing the most enthusiastic crisis directors, most original and challenging crisis to the committee room, in order to make your MUN experience one you’re not likely to forget.

Learn more about the conference today at!

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