HMUN-China 2013 Recap: Bringing HMUN experience to Beijing

by Laura on April 8, 2013

This article recap of HMUN-China was provided by Billy Gorman, Secretary General of HMUN-China.

The Harvard International Relations Council and WELAND International joined together once again to host the fourth session of Harvard Model United Nations China last week (March 21-24) in Beijing, China, bringing together students from across Asia and the globe for four days of exhilarating debate on international relations issues.

HMUN-China 2013 Secretariats

HMUN-China 2013 Secretariats

HMUN China hosted delegates from twenty-seven countries, including China, South Korea, Singapore, Italy, and the United States in the Crowne Plaza Sun Palace, bringing sixteen of Harvard’s top directors to run a wide selection of committees. While some delegates participated in the larger, iconic General Assemblies, discussing everything from the “Militarization of the Arctic” to “Refugee Protection”, others chose to participate in one of five crisis committees that crossed both time and space, including simulations of the Pakatan Rakyat, a Malaysian political coalition, and the 1814 Congress of Vienna, among others.

On Friday morning, delegates also attended a series of director-led panels and lectures, giving delegates the opportunity to learn about an array of other topics, ranging from international relations-related matters such as “The Philosophy of War and Conflict” and “Bioethics and Science” to education and college topics, including “Navigating Extracurricular Activities and Social Life in College” and “Approaches to Education at Harvard and in the US”.

HMUN China 2013 brought in a number of competitive delegates and schools. Listed below are the delegation awards for HMUN China 2013:

Best Large Delegation: Shanghai High School International Division

Outstanding Large Delegation: Dubai Modern High School

Best Small Delegations: Aitchison College, La Martiniere School for Girls

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