How to Win Best Delegate, Part 8: Framing Your Topic

by KFC on April 5, 2009

Earlier this week, I was coaching for a Bay Area high school in preparation for the UC Davis Model United Nations Conference, and the students asked a good question: how do we go about researching our topic when the background guide or topic synopsis has not been posted yet? If you want to be the Best Delegate, you cannot wait for the chair to post the guide (or rely on background guides that may not be written with a clear framework of issues to address). The procrastination-busting technique that I recommend you take the initiative to use is Framing Your Topic. Here’s how the three-part process works:

First, you frame your topic. Brainstorm six to ten different sub-issues that you might encounter regarding this topic. If you have trouble brainstorming, think of sub-issues categorically: political, economic, social, financial, humanitarian, environmental, security, etc.

Next, list adjacent to each sub-issue in your framework the past actions that have been taken to resolve that sub-issue as well as possible solutions that your country has proposed or would like to propose.

Finally, you select the three most salient sub-issues to your country. These will become the three key points you will use when you Frame Your Speech and will be central to your position paper and draft resolution. You will want to conduct more research into them so you can become the subject matter expert on them when they are debated at the conference. Of course, you will also want to be familiar with the other points that you have framed because you can include them in your resolutions, and some of these will be the key points for other delegates and you will want to be knowledgeable enough to collaborate with them on these sub-issues.

Here are two examples of UC Davis topics that the students I was working with brainstormed on the spot:

Topic: Nuclear Proliferation
1. Technology transfer (by governments and individuals)
2. Government Policies toward nuclear weapons
3. Security (of stockpiles, facilities, etc.)
4. Internal strife (e.g. Pakistan)
5. Disarmament of stockpiles
6. Economic arguments behind proliferation
7. Security/alliance factors behind proliferation
8. Terrorism

Topic: Preservation of Indigenous Languages
1. Suppression by governments
2. Language and cultural dominance
3. Official language policy
4. Grassroots/local efforts in preservation
5. Education & research
6. Incentives for indigenous language abilities

These will need to be filled in with past actions and proposed solutions, but that requires research of your topic and an understanding of your country policy. A filled-in sub-issue will look like this:

Sub-Issue –> Past Actions –> Proposed Solution

Note that the above frameworks are comprehensive but not complete. You could probably brainstorm a few more sub-issues for each. More important, when the background guide or topic synopsis gets posted, make sure you read to understand what sub-issues your Chair wants the committee to address and adjust your framework accordingly.

If you have trouble with framing, I would suggest getting your entire class or club do it for the topic. I found that brainstorming as a group produced much more comprehensive lists of sub-issues than individually trying to dissect your topic.

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  • tj

    I think you should really talk about rules and procedures. Many delegates don’t know how to effectively use them to their advantage

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  • Adrian Marcus

    My topic is Energy crisis and its diruption to UN peacekeeping mission i dont seem to even undertand how thes 2 concepts are even related can you help me?

  • learn4xling

    My topics r protection of human rights of civilians in armed conflicts n right to privacy with special emphasis on cyber crimes.I m representing finland. Please tell me a few points to include in my speeches

  • Krishna

    My topic is nuclear weapons and Geo Politics in South Asia and I’m representing China.Please tell me some points to add to my speeches

  • Diablo 72 Lance

    My topic is curbing the threat of possible nuclear terrorism in nations with fast-developing nuclear programs nd I’m representing South Africa. Pls tell me some points to add to my speech.

  • Raunak Maheshwari

    My topic is Foreign Military Intervention and I am representing Slovenia….. please suggest some sub-areas to focus on..

  • kanika gupta

    i have got comittee as unodc(drug trafficking and crime) and country as guatemala….

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