Introducing the Best Delegate Summer Programs

by Ryan on February 11, 2013

It’s the height of the Model UN season. Thousands of delegates across the US and around the world are meeting every weekend to solve the world’s biggest problems in 72 hours or less. Many are participating for the first time; others are attending their zillionth conference. Whoever you are, after you’ve gone to your last conference this season, you’ll hopefully reflect on the conferences you’ve attended, realize how much you enjoyed it, and ask yourself, “How can I do better next year?”

If Model UN were an athletic sport, you’d try to get better by joining a sports camp. If you’re serious about football or basketball or tennis or any team sport, you train in the off-season so that you’re ready for the regular season. You try to attend a training camp, and you look for the one with the best reputation and most experienced coaches that attracts a diverse group of players that you can practice with and learn from and help one another get better. And you hopefully leave camp with something you can take back to your team and help them get better, too.

The same thing goes for other extracurriculars. If you’re serious about debate, you join debate camp. If you’re a musician, you do band camp. If you’re in student government, you do leadership camp. And there are science camps and technology camps and camps for everything — except Model UN.

If you are serious about Model UN, then you want to join a camp with the best reputation and most experienced MUNers that attracts a diverse group of delegates that you can practice with and learn from and help one another get better. You want to leave camp with something you can take back to your team and help them get better, too. And while there are tons of sports camps and debate camps and band camps and leadership camps, your options for Model UN camps are pretty limited.

Until now.

Kevin and I are proud to introduce the Best Delegate Summer Programs on Model UN and Global Leadership. We decided to launch summer programs on a national scale in order to serve the growing number of students who love Model UN and want to get better. And we believe that the development of Best Delegate Summer Programs will help the entire Model UN community get better, too.

At each of our programs, we’re going to share our Model UN expertise with delegates from across the US and around the world and transform them into the Best Delegate. Our programs will take place on top-tier university campuses and be staffed by Model UN rockstars and educators. And at the same time, we realize this is still summer

If Model UN is your “sport,” you need to check out Best Delegate Summer Programs.

Best Delegate Curriculum

The goal of Best Delegate Summer Programs is to transform each delegate into the Best Delegate — and for us, Best Delegate is more than an award or a gavel, more than a sheet of paper or a piece of wood — the Best Delegate is the best leader that a delegate can be.

At each of our summer programs, delegates will undertake daily exercises and simulations to hone their Model UN skills, from research and public speaking to resolution writing and negotiation. They will engage in seminar discussions and Socratic questioning on international politics and the most popular topics in Model United Nations.

And becoming the Best Delegate means going beyond Model UN — delegates will look at themselves as leaders, testing their strengths, examining their weaknesses, and transforming themselves into the Best Delegate.

World-Class Universities

We’re proud to host Best Delegate Summer Programs at several of the world’s best universities: Georgetown University, University of Florida, UC Berkeley, UCLA, and UC Irvine.

At each of our programs, delegates will learn in college classrooms, eat in the dining halls, and experience what it’s like to study at a world-class university. At our residential programs, delegates will stay on campus, engage in planned social activities, and leave the week having made a few new friends. Delegates will also receive advice on college admissions and how to share their Model UN experience on college applications.

Professional Training

We’ve been doing Model UN for over 12 years, starting in high school and through our college years at Yale and UCLA. Our Model UN skills and experiences helped us launch our careers, and now we are professionals whose full-time job is teaching Model UN. And we know from firsthand experience and countless others’ the transformative experience of Model United Nations.

We’ve participated in, organized, and attended over 200 conferences. We’ve taught thousands of students and teachers in a dozen countries. And we run the world’s best Model UN website.

We are globally recognized experts in Model United Nations — and we want to share our expertise with the world’s Best Delegates.

We hope you’ll join us this summer!

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