Liveblog: CCCMUN Day 2, Preview of Free MUN eBook, and Awards

by KFC on November 8, 2010

The delegates enthusiastically continued the debate after an inspirational and very productive Day 1 of the conference. Best Delegate covered committee action from the UNDP, World Economic Forum, WHO, IAEA, and the General Assembly as well as the awards ceremony.

Best Delegate also interviewed Secretary-General Golzar Ansari who will be featured along with other leaders from top college MUN programs  – including Harvard, Yale, Georgetown, Chicago, and more – in our upcoming free eBook, How Model UN Can Help You Get Into College.

Now let’s jump into some committee action:


In the United Nations Development Program, bloc leaders United States (Seohyun from California High School), Russian Federation (Cynthia from Campolindo High School), and Austria (Ravid from California High School) presented their draft resolution to the committee.

USA, Russian Fed., and Austria in UNDP formal caucus

During voting bloc, the resolution their group sponsored was the only one to pass out of three submitted. The trio of delegates provided some insight below about why their resolution was successful.

The United States would go on to win Outstanding Delegate (gavel) in this committee.


Meanwhile, debate in the World Economic Forum got heated over the topic of intellectual property rights in developing countries from the perspective of multinational corporations. The technology companies were especially engaged in this debate. Below, Lenovo (blue shirt) and Microsoft (right foreground) lead the two sides of the debate during unmoderated caucus.

Heated unmoderated caucus in the World Economic Forum

Here are some of the comments during moderated caucus from:

  • Google (Holt from Gunn High School) @0:01,
  • Lenovo (Kevin from San Ramon Valley High School) @0:49
  • Intel (Michael from De La Salle High School) @1:12, and
  • Microsoft (Joseph from California High School) @2:07.

Google would eventually win Outstanding Delegate (gavel) in this committee.


Best Delegate also observed debate in the World Health Organization, the International Atomic Energy Agency, and the General Assembly. Here are some delegates in action from committee:

France making a speech in WHO. (The delegate won the gavel).

Delegates responding to an Israel-Iran crisis in IAEA

Delegates sharing ideas in the General Assembly


Best Delegate interviewed Secretary-General Golzar Ansari. She spoke about how Model UN helped her get into college and how it has since also helped her find internships while in college.

Best Delegate‘s Ryan wrote about how Model UN helped him get into Yale and shared his tips on writing the college application essay, and Kevin spoke at CCCMUN about how Model UN helped him get into UCLA on scholarship. Ryan, Kevin, Golzar, and many other college Model UN leaders will share their stories in the upcoming free eBook, How Model UN Can Help You Get Into College.



Delegates from the following high schools won Outstanding Delegate (gavel): California, Gunn, Campolindo, San Ramon Valley, and De La Salle.

All the gavel winners at CCCMUN 2010

California High School won the county Outstanding Delegation award.

California High School poses with the Secretary-General

Congrats to all the UC Davis volunteer staffers for a job well done! And good luck to them on their two upcoming conferences this year, the collegiate DCCMUN next week and the high school-level Davis MUN in May!

UC Davis volunteer staffers after a successful CCCMUN

Did you attend the conference? Let us know what you thought in the comments!

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