Best Delegate Needs Your Help! We Need 24 Votes in 24 Hours for the Mission: Small Business Competition

by KFC on June 29, 2012

Vote for Best Delegate in the Mission: Small Business Competition!

Best Delegate is competing to win a $250,000 grant from Mission: Small Business!

We need 24 more votes in the next 24 hours. If you like what we do at Best Delegate, please help us out by voting for us!

To vote for us:
1. Go to and log in using Facebook
2. Search for “Best Delegate”
3. Click on the blue “Vote” button next to our name
4. Click “Share Vote”
5. Tell your friends!

Ryan and I have been busy these past two weeks teaching Model UN at Yale University and UC Irvine, and next week we’re traveling to Saudi Arabia!

Since launching Best Delegate two years ago, we’ve been working hard to promote Model United Nations and grow our small business.

Your vote would mean a lot to us, giving us the chance to keep growing and do what we do best: sharing the value of Model United Nations around the world.

Click here to vote for us now!

Thank you!

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