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by Ryan on December 12, 2011

Best Delegate fans love their research binders!

One of the most popular articles on Best Delegate is about how to create a research binder, which is a great way to prepare for Model UN conferences. I’ve met Best Delegate fans at a few recent conferences who were very excited to show me their binders!

I stumbled upon my old research binders the other day while teaching my students about the importance of research and preparation. I realized that we’re almost halfway through the school year and many MUNers have put together research binders to prepare for recent conferences, but many more have to create research binders for upcoming conferences.

To reward the former and help the latter, I’ve decided to to hold a little contest…

Show Me Your Research Binders!

Send an email to or leave a comment below that includes:

  1. Pictures of your best research binder (if you’re leaving a comment, click the “+ Image” button to upload pictures)
  2. A description of what’s in it (besides the 15 Things)
  3. A story about how your research binder has helped you

Whoever submits the “Best Binder” will receive a free Best Delegate Guide on How to Win Awards, and their name, school, and research binder will be featured on Best Delegate!

Submissions due by 11:59pm PST on Wednesday, December 14. The “Best Binder” will be announced on Thursday, December 15.

To kick off the contest, here’s what my binder looked like in high school:

This research binder was over 3 inches thick with 500+ pages of research -- and that was just for one topic

My co-delegate, Shebli, and I prepared several research binders for the Security Council at NHSMUN 2004 and we ended up winning Best Delegate

My best research binder came from representing Syria in the Security Council at NHSMUN 2004 during my senior year of high school. It was over 3 inches thick with 500+ pages of research — and that was just for one topic, Peacekeeping Reform in Africa. Besides the 15 Things, my research binder had information on every active peacekeeping operation in Africa and entire reports on peacekeeping reform, particularly the Brahimi Report. My co-delegate, Shebli, and I saw NHSMUN as the biggest conference of the year and we knew we would be in committee with some very competitive delegates. All of these reasons motivated us to prepare very well, and we ended up winning Best Delegate.

Your turn! Send me an email at or leave a comment below to show me your research binder!

  • Matthew Stone

    Hey ryan, I’m a big fan of best delegate and I have a suggestion for some new content on best delegate. I don’t believe you have anything like this on your site at the moment but I could be wrong so feel free to correct me. I think you should make like some strategy guides for people representing countries. I would recommend a cursory overview of each country(maybe do like 15-30 countries alltogether), and then maybe a guide on representing small countries. I know research varies from topic to topic but this would be an invaluable tool for aspiring MUNer’s.
    So in conclusion:
    I think the creation of strategy guides for maybe the top 15-30 most popular countries would be some good content on the website. These guides should be succinct and perhaps only cover things such allies, enemies, leverageable assests(eg. natural resources ) and stuff of that nature. You might think that this would be a substitute for research and you are only enabling lazy MUNers and doing the research for them, but whoever finds your articles probably is actually trying to do research and is worthy of a little help.

    Hope for a reply

    • Anonymous

      Hey Matt, thank you for reading Best Delegate and for your suggestion! I think it’s a great idea. I’ll start off by writing a few “country strategies” myself, but I would love to have you and other Best Delegate readers submit your own strategies. Would you be interested in writing a guest post? I also don’t think this is a substitute for research; it’s exactly the kind of resource that the Model UN community needs in order to help students do their research.

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