Modelo de la Organización de las Naciones Unidas de Los Andes (MONUA) 2015 Liveblog

by Natalia Daza on April 1, 2015

From March 20-23rd, The Univesity of Los Andes hosted its 2015 session of Las Naciones Unidas de la Universidad de los Andes (MONUA). The conference congregated approximately 450 participants from both high school and university. Students participated in an array of historical committees such as a joint-crisis committee on the Spanish Civil War, intergovernmental organizations such as the NATO, an themed committees such as Bilderberg.

Other than the large variety of committees offered by the conference, MONUA excelled for its brand new model for simulating international relations. Every morning, the conference provided a 20 minutes space for delegates to reunite with their respective delegations in order to discuss and agree on their country policy. In addition, committees as well as delegates were subject to the decisions made on the presidential council, which reunited countries leaders, from Vladimir Putin to Hasán Rouhaní. This contributed to a constant impact between committees, as well as served as an incentive for team work within the different delegations throughout the conference.


Best Small Delegation: Universidad Simón Bolivar.

Best Large Delegation: Universidad Católica Andrés Bello.

Here’s are some of the photos from MONUA


Arab League


Presidential Council


Joint Crisis on the Spanish Civil War.




Council of the European Union.


Parliament of the European Union.


Presidential Council.


Security Council


Delegations Meeting.


Closing Ceremonies

Congratulations to MONUA’s Secretariat for putting on a wonderful conference, to lean more about MONUA, check out their website here.

To check out more photos from MONUA, click here!

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