MSUMUN Liveblog: Opening Ceremonies

by Mari on February 15, 2013

This liveblog post was submitted by Jenna Jonjua, Editor of the Daily Gavel, Michigan State University Model United Nations’ daily online paper.  All photos were submitted by the MSUMUN Secretariat.

MSUMUN Secretariat, Top Row: USG Finance Scott Phipps, USG Tech and Ops Gillian Cobb, USG Committees Robert Morelli, USG Crisis Claire Gaut, USG Internal Affairs Kevin VanLiew, Secretary General Ryan Castillo. Bottom Row: USG External Affairs Chelsea Bollman, Chief of Staff Erica Zentner, USG RCMUN Mary Connolly, and Deputy Secretary General Megan Orth

MSUMUN launched Session XIII with an amazing opening ceremonies featuring Mr. William Yotive as the Keynote Speaker. Mr. Yotive is the Project Manager of the United Nations Global Teaching and Learning Project.

Yotive shared his personal insight about the United Nations today, demonstrating the historical progression of the organization. He also spoke inspirationally about how important it is for youth to be invested in society, no matter where they reside. Yotive rallied the students to be activists for positive change, noting that Model United Nations can help them accomplish anything and that even Ban Ki Moon had his start with Model UN.

Everyone was released from opening ceremonies energized and prepared for the first round of committees. At the MSU Union, delegates branched off into their committees, a mix of general assemblies, specialized, and crisis, ready to engage with their peers and make their opening speeches. With the theme of “pioneering the future” guiding their work, delegates are excited and ready for the rest of MSUMUN XIII weekend.


William Yotive, Project Manager of the United Nations Global Teaching and Learning Project, delivers the keynote address at MSUMUN opening ceremonies

MSUMUN Secretariat

Chairs Patrick Kindig and Courtney Bonner share a laugh at Opening Ceremonies.

Delegates take in Opening Ceremonies.

Senior staff take in Opening Ceremonies.

Yotive pumps up the MSUMUN delegates at Opening Ceremonies.


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