MUNday: Special Reports on West Coast, Florida, and Puerto Rico MUN Circuits. Liveblogging at NHSMUN and BMUN this Weekend.

by Emily on March 5, 2012

Special Reports on Model UN Circuits

The special reports will help compare and contrast three circuits that treat Model UN competitively: West Coast, Florida, and Puerto Rico

We have a series of special reports this week. The first report is a ten-page article on the key differences between West Coast MUN versus East Coast MUN. Many readers became very interested in this topic especially after experiencing the differences during NAIMUN. The second report will recap Kevin’s tour of the top high school MUN programs in Florida and share some of the things that make those teams successful. Finally, the third report will actually be a guest article from a student in Puerto Rico and will provide an analysis of the competitive circuits there. These articles follow our other special report on the sudden rise of independent Model UN teams. We’re also hoping that we can get a special report on Midwestern Model UN which has significant differences in how they do and view Model UN compared to other regions in the United States — we’ve reached out to a few readers to see if they’re interested in writing a guest post.

In terms of liveblogging, Ryan will be at Berkeley BMUN and KFC will be at Nationals NHSMUN this weekend. See you there!

Summer Camps Announcements

There’s only about a month left to sign up for our Model UN Summer Camp at UC Irvine! Also, our Yale camp details will be launched in early March — sign up for updates for our Model UN Summer Camp at Yale here.

Conference Recaps 

Over the course of a week-end, 140 students from across the United States, Canada, and even Israel travelled to The Pennsylvania United Nations Conference (PUNC) held at The Pennsylvania State University, University Park campus to participate in the fifth annual Model UN conference. On February 23-26, 2012, our conference was held at several on-campus locations including The Nittany Lion Inn and the Business Building.

Duke University Model United Nations (DUMUN) 2012 Recap

DURHAM, NC – On February 16, 2012, Duke University Model United Nations hosted 25 schools and over 550 high school students in what was considered to be one of the “best run conferences Duke has ever put together”.

University of North Carolina Model United Nations Conference (UNC MUNC) 2012 Recap

The University of North Carolina Model United Nations Conference (UNC MUNC) hosted its second annual college conference in February at its campus in Chapel Hill. The conference is very new and still growing but had positive reviews on its staff and organization.

Today marked the first annual Red Cedar Model United Nations, the middle school conference hosted by the staff of MSUMUN. After many months of planning, the day finally arrived. Deputy Under Secretary General of External Affairs, Chelsea Bollman, along with the rest of Secretariat, the chairs of SOCHUM and the Treaty of Versailles, and Conference Services worked tirelessly, and all of the hard work paid off. The bright, shining faces of the 40 middle schoolers, some waking up as early as 3:00am to drive from Leland, Michigan to Michigan State University.

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