Lessons from MUNI: Why Model UN?

by Caroline Bello on April 22, 2016

Why Model United Nations?

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The Educational Experience

Students in Model UN gain a wide range of skills and information critical to their success in high school, college, and beyond. Students learn public speaking and deliver their first speech in front of an audience. They hone their research skills and synthesize information from all over the world. They practice how to write policies, and learn about cultures they never even knew existed.

However just as importantly, students will learn critical social skills that will help them throughout life. Whether it’s learning to discuss complex issues and compromise, or learning how to be a leader for the first time, many students will “find their voice” through Model UN, and realize their leadership potential and social ability. Model UN helps students build the Confidence to succeed.

Access to the UN, NGOs, and incredible keynote speakers

Model UN is an enormous activity with over half a million students participating each year. UN Officials, NGOs, and other business leaders and public figures have taken notice, and actively engage with these students. Officials from the UN Department of Public Information and organizations around the world teach students Model UN and even help MUNers on their path to college, internships, and careers! Often, students get to meet incredible leaders who deliver the Keynote Address at Model UN Conferences- notable keynote speakers to Model UN conferences include UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon, the Director of the FBI, and even Pope Francis! Model UN introduces students to a global Community of leaders.

College and Careers

Model UN helps students on their paths to college and careers- from our MUN programs alone, we’ve had dozens of students go on to Ivy League universities, and MUNers fill youngest generation of employees at the UN, Foreign Services around the world, and a wide range of the most prestigious careers around the world. We’ll talk even more about how Model UN can help students get into college later on! Model UN gives students the ideas and tools they need to make real Change in the world.

Want to learn more tips on how to participate in Model UN? Check out the Model United Nations Institute Diplomat Program– hosted across the United States every summer!

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