Model United Nations Pakistan 2011

by Emily on August 1, 2011

The secretariat having some fun at MUNPK

Best Delegate features Model UN conferences around the world. Today’s guest post was written by Zara Ansari of the MUN Society of Pakistan.

Having taken place under the blazing sun and scorching summer heat, MUNPK 2011 was unlike any other conference seen. The idea of a group of people organizing one event, void of any ties to any academic institution, was unfamiliar and somewhat strange. Yet, the Model United Nations Society of Pakistan brought together individuals from 17 cities, 10 countries and 4 continents under the banner of its flagship conference, the Model United Nations Pakistan 2011. The event that intrigued and boggled the young minds of many took place from the 22nd till the 26th of June in the Lake City Resort on the outskirts of Lahore.

MUNPK 2011 was honoured with the presence of esteemed guests throughout the conference. Individuals such as the Chief Justice of the Lahore High Court, well-renowned industrialists, and reputable UN Representatives came as speakers in both the committees as well as at the opening and closing ceremonies. As the conference progressed, the committee sessions geared into heated debates, with delegates arguing outside committee rooms and committee sessions being extended by several hours.

Tolerance and perseverance were some of the key lessons during this conference. On one hand there were committees drawing resolutions within a day, and on the other there were committee directors completely panic stricken as their committees stood in idle deadlock situations. Amidst all the drama, each of the committees managed to enjoy their own forms of entertainment, from the stereotypical singing and dancing to stringent pushups, all the way to slightly eccentric proposals.

The winning delegation from Karachi Grammar School

If that wasn’t enough, delegates had the opportunity to groove and relax during the exciting social events. The conference started with the global village where delegates showcased their countries in some of the most creative and unique ways imaginable. From delicacies to clothing, delegates represented the true colours of their respective countries. The concert was a huge hit and left the delegates wishing for more of the rock and roll beats that the infamous EP churned out. The highlight of the formal dinner was the light banter between the Host Team as the Secretary General took charge of the mic with the perfect recipe for comic relief. The final social event of the conference was the farewell party where delegates were seen letting off steam and breaking moves on the dance floor as the DJ turned out perfect beats.

As a light breezy wind finally broke out on the morning of the 26th of June, MUNPK came to an end. Thirty-one delegates stood proud and joyous after winning Outstanding Diplomacy Awards, but only one delegation would take home the Best Delegation Award. After a fierce competition, the delegation from Karachi Grammar School took home the highly sought after award of the Outstanding Delegation at MUNPK 2011. Having been the first of its kind, it is safe to say that MUNPK 2011 was a success and will only be surpassed by the rocket high expectations of the coming year.

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