NMUN Closing Ceremonies | Florida International Wins 12 Best Delegates!

by Ryan on April 23, 2011

Florida International University received Best Delegate in 12 committees and the Outstanding Delegation award

NMUN split into two venues several years ago, but this was the first year it held two separate closing ceremonies for each venue so that all delegates would have a chance to sit in the UN General Assembly Hall — meaning the conference featured four closing ceremonies!

The NMUN staff aims to de-emphasize individual competition and promote teamwork by not giving individual awards, only delegation awards. However,┬áNMUN delegates get to vote for who were the Best Delegates in their respective committees — this does not impact delegation awards, but the Best Delegates receive the honor of standing to be recognized in the middle of the UN General Assembly Hall.

At closing ceremonies for the Sheraton venue, the NMUN staff recognized many schools with delegation awards, but NMUN delegates recognized one school in particular — Florida International University students were named Best Delegate in 12 committees, in addition to receiving the conference’s highest award of Outstanding Delegation.

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  • Stu

    Wow. How many committees were they in?

  • Citrus

    they won every committee they were in,12 for 12

  • munfreak

    they were in 12, they won best delegate in all the committees they were in

  • Delegate

    Great job by FIU. Though I’m interested to know who else was there, I haven’t really heard of NMUN that much and with ChoMUN over the weekend I feel like most of the competition was absent.

    • Stu

      Great and fair point. Although to be fair, I think the point of the article was to highlight the fact that the NMUN ‘”best delegate” awards are determined completely by fellow delegates. The fact that they were voted as such in every committee that they participated in is remarkable.

      • http://bestdelegate.com Ryan

        Also, to be fair, the schools that traditionally attend ChoMUN don’t attend NMUN, and NMUN aims to de-emphasize competition between its delegates. So I wouldn’t look at it as the “competition being absent” — more to Stu’s point, the fact that every FIU delegate was recognized as a Best Delegate is really cool and a testament to the hard work and leadership they showed across the board and throughout the conference.

    • MUNer

      You haven’t heard of NMUN that much? It’s the largest collegiate level MUN with 5k+ students at the NY venue, a large portion of which are international, with ceremonies taking place inside the UN building.

  • Stu

    *The fact that they were voted as such in every committee that they participated in by their peers is remarkable.

  • http://www.wmucab.org Guille

    Congratulations also to the Universidad Catolica Andres Bello (UCAB) from Venezuela! they won outstanding delegation with 7 awards in the Marriot venue. Great job guys!

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  • olga navarro

    I am so proud of my daughter Alexandra Uriarte and her fellow delagates from FIU on their stellar acomplishmets at the United Nations . Quite something to achive in such great company!

  • Alessio

    Are there any video of the closing ceremony?

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