NHSMUN Liveblog: Photos of Committees in Action

by KFC on March 11, 2011

We’ve gone around the different committees and have a specialized agencies video blog, a UNDP feature, and a DISEC feature already. Let’s catch up on some of the action in the other committees:

DISEC delegates representing Mali, China, Niger, and Cameroon smile for the camera. By the way, we love how one of them is holding a Best Delegate business card.

World Health Organization delegates pose for Best Delegate

Tuvalu (Howon and Holt from Gunn High School in California) proudly represent. Howon is one of the top delegates in the nation -- he has appeared in our NAIMUN, BMUN, and CCCMUN blog posts.

Brazil (Mira Costa High School in California) and United States (Highland Park High School in Illinois) go head to head in UNODC

DISEC chairs are having a great time in committee

Delegates from Italy are enjoying the conference

Djibouti gets his point across in DISEC

A delegate tries to convince others to support her draft resolution

The Czech Republic makes a speech in the World Trade Organization

Peru (The Bromfield School in Massachusetts) is serving as bloc leader and negotiates who gets to go up as sponsors

Guatemala makes a speech in the World Trade Organization

Mali (Instituto Andes de Caracas) gets her concerns across in SOCHUM

Delegates go over clauses in the draft resolution

Delegates contemplate the merits of the draft resolution

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