North American Invitational Model United Nations: NAIMUN 50

by KFC on February 18, 2013


The North American Invitational Model United Nations (NAIMUN) conference celebrated its 50th anniversary this year with a capacity crowd of 3,000+ delegates from 19 countries convening at the Washington Hilton Hotel.

NAIMUN simulated 37 committees with an even distribution between five types: General Assemblies; Economic and Social Councils; Regional Organizations; Councils, Summits, and Courts; and Cabinets. Before the conference, NAIMUN provided a Featured Series of articles on Best Delegate to give delegates some insight into what to expect, and the substantive aspects of the committees did not disappoint as the dais members were very passionate about their topics. Many of the committees received praise, particularly the Roman Senate 49BC and the Second Continental Congress. NAIMUN is also known for simulating many crisis committees, and we decided to interview some of their staff to get some insight into what makes a good crisis note.

But as Secretary-General Theresa Lou mentioned during Opening Ceremonies, NAIMUN is more than just a Model UN conference. There is a strong focus on social justice, and this included the NAIMUN Charity and the Social Justice Symposium. The charity this year benefited Action Against Hunger, and we did a separate article on how delegates and the Harlem Shake helped save 385 lives this year. In addition, delegates also enjoyed various educational programming such as embassy briefings, government agency tours, and Georgetown University tours as well as fun events such as Hilltop Madness which featured numerous performances by Georgetown cultural, dance, and musical groups, and of course the delegate dance.

This year, Mari Manoogian and I liveblogged the conference and we wanted to share several articles and photo albums beyond this main one. NAIMUN was personally enjoyable for both of us to liveblog, and in particular it felt like a reunion as many Best Delegate Media Associates, Best Delegate Model UN Summer Programs alumni, and advisors and students from other schools that we have met before were all in attendance.

Here are some photos from NAIMUN 50! Be sure to also check out:

Secretary-General Theresa Lou welcomes delegates to NAIMUN 50

The TASIS School of Dorado

Georgetown Visitation Preparatory School

Mercy High School

Georgetown alumna and former NAIMUN chair Deven Comen now leads students from Anacostia High School to NAIMUN as their faculty advisor!

Many Puerto Rican delegates attended NAIMUN

The Roman Senate 49 BC received great reviews

Delegates in the Second Continental Congress

Delegates huddle around laptops to work on a draft resolution together

Head Delegates from Alpha Partners in China and Marymount High School in Los Angeles meet each other during the Head Delegates Reception

Summit of the BRICS and N-11 dais enjoying NAIMUN

Democratic Republic of Vietnam Government 1946 chair Anais Carmona gives some advice to the cabinet after they failed to detect a mole within their ranks


Members of the Best Delegate Media Associate team: Soraya, Julian, Mari, KFC, Will, Sarah, and Parth. (Not pictured: Betty).

Delegation Awards

Best Large Delegation: The Dalton School
Outstanding Large Delegation: J.P. Stevens High School
Best Small Delegation: West Windsor-Plainsboro High School South
Outstanding Small Delegation: Canterbury School (Fort Myers, Florida)


The Dalton School and J.P. Stevens High School faced off again with little rest as both participated at Harvard MUN just two weeks ago. Dalton now has Best Large Delegation awards from both HMUN and NAIMUN, and J.P. Stevens received the Outstanding Large Delegation award. West Windsor-Plainsboro High School South is now three for three on Best Small Delegation awards this season, and Canterbury made it two years straight as the winner of the Outstanding Small Delegation at NAIMUN.

There was actually a lot of competitive parity this year as well as geographic diversity within the conference with over 70 delegations receiving recognition, the most among all conferences in North America (and possibly the world). Among the many other delegations that did well at the conference include:

  • Maggie L. Walker Governor’s School
  • Adlai E. Stevenson High School
  • Henrico High School
  • East Brunswick High School
  • Manlius Pebble Hill School
  • Lyons Township High School
  • Rock Bridge High School
  • Radnor High School
  • Cerritos High School
  • Colegio San Ignacio de Loyola
  • Wyomissing Area High School
  • The Baldwin School of Puerto Rico
  • The Miami Valley School
  • The Blake School
  • Winston Churchill High School
  • Henry M. Gunn High School
  • School Without Walls
  • Strathcona Tweedsmuir School
  • Salesianum School
  • Rutgers Preparatory School
  • St. Mary’s Academy

The Dalton School received the Best Large Delegation award

J.P. Stevens High School received the Outstanding Large Delegation award

West Windsor-Plainsboro High School South received the Best Small Delegation award

Adlai E. Stevenson High School after a successful weekend 

The advisors for School Without Walls are proud of the team!


Finally, special thanks to Secretary-General Theresa Lou, Executive Director Cody Cowan, Director-General Luke Young, Director of Marketing Sarah Pemberton, and other NAIMUN staff for having Mari Manoogian and me liveblog the conference. We could see that everyone in the NAIMUN Family poured a lot of emotion into putting this conference on and should be proud of all their hard work. Congrats on celebrating NAIMUN 50!

The NAIMUN 50 Secretariat

This probably does not conclude the coverage of NAIMUN 50. We’ll try to publish an article about the Alumni Reunion at NAIMUN 50 to share what Model UN alumni are doing after graduation as well as an article about lessons in cultural sensitivity in Model UN from the perspective of several Best Delegate Media Associates who attended the conference as delegates. In the meantime, don’t forget to check out:

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