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Praise for the First Best Delegate Workshop!

by Ryan on December 8, 2010

The first Best Delegate workshop took place this past weekend and it was a success! I helped two Model UN clubs (who shall remain anonymous) prepare for an upcoming conference through 4 days of coaching and committee practice.

“I have nothing but praise for Best Delegate. Their expertise and their services are unrivaled.” H.G.

Most of the students attending this workshop had never done Model UN before, so my goals were to teach them how committee works and to make them feel comfortable participating. I did this by:

  • Giving a presentation on The Top 3 Reasons to Do Model UN, The 5 Skills Every Delegate Should Learn, and a walkthrough of a typical committee experience
  • Chairing a Security Council simulation on the Situation in Korea to help them get familiar with the rules of procedure, making speeches, and caucusing
  • Showing them how to chair a committee so they could continue to practice on their own during weekly club meetings

Thank you very much to my students, and especially the clubs’ leaders, for giving me this opportunity. I wish them the best of luck at their upcoming conference and I look forward to seeing them again.

“Best Delegate helped set up this mock conference and it trained a lot of our members who had no experience. Imagine trying to set something like that up without outside help! All of our members really appreciated it — I thought it was great!” N.H.

Interested in a Best Delegate workshop? Email for more information!

  • Harry G.

    wheres the video interview?

  • Nick W.

    Congrats Ryan! Workshops are a great idea. Any chance one of the anonymous schools was University of Vermont?

  • Harry G.


    I believe you are correct! Indeed one of the schools involved was UVM. I am its president and founder.

    Harry G

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  • Ryan

    So much for anonymity, lol =P

  • Rick

    Are you planning on holding any best delegate workshops in Southern California? Our school would be highly interested in attending =D

    • Ryan

      Yes, the Best Delegate team will be in Southern California to run workshops! I’ll email you shortly for more details.

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