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by KFC on June 1, 2012

We’re making some big changes at Best Delegate for the 2012-2013 school year.

Our mission is to make a difference in the lives of others through Model UN, and we’ll be doing that through these three ABC’s: Academy, Blog, and Consulting.

Academy: We’re going to go back to our roots of Model UN training, producing resources, and writing articles with strategies and tips. We’ve learned so much from all of our travels and teaching opportunities in the past few years and we want to share our knowledge and experiences with the community. More important, we want to help answer all the commonly asked questions that we continually receive and serve as a valuable resource to participants who want to improve. We’ll be launching Best Delegate Academy next year to cover all aspects of online and in-person Model UN training for students and teachers, and we eventually hope to bring on experts from throughout the MUN community to share their knowledge and experiences as well.

Blog: We want to make sure the blog is a beneficial form of publicity for all conferences and teams. We want all conferences — big and small from around the world — to be featured on the website and we’ll be actively encouraging staff members, press corps, and correspondents to submit liveblogs or recaps of the conferences they participated in. We want all teams — established and new from around the world — to be recognized for their accomplishments and we’ll be exploring the philosophical concept of “What Should Model UN Teach?” so that we can offer balanced views of educational and competitive success. Although we won’t focus on liveblogging next year, we’ll still visit a few conferences to keep in touch with the fans and to keep learning about how Model UN is done differently around the world. And although the rankings have generated a lot of publicity and real improvement for teams, we’ll be making some changes to it in order to minimize some of its negative side-effects on the activity.

Consulting: We’ve grown up from being just a blog into an authority on Model UN, and our role as Model UN professionals continues to evolve. We have a lot to offer to the education field and we already work with different non-profits, schools, and conference organizers to help them expand and improve Model UN in their communities. We develop of a lot of good ideas from these consulting projects, and it is our hope that these ideas will help us not only make a difference in Model UN but on the future of the field of education.

What would you like to see from us next year? Let us know in the Best Delegate Reader Survey!


  • Anna Squires

    Keep up the amazing work, guys! And thank you for everything you do 🙂

    — Anna Squires, Centennial High School

    • Best Delegate

      Thank you!

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