Red Cedar Model United Nations (RCMUN) brings the experience to the Middle School Circuit!

by Jessica on February 10, 2013

The RCMUN conference recap was provided by Ryan Castillo, Secretary-General XIII at Red Cedar Model United Nations (RCMUN) 2013, the middle school conference hosted by the staff of MSUMUN.

On February 2nd, 10 schools, 150 delegates, and 40 parents and advisors were welcomed to the second session of Red Cedar Model United Nations (RCMUN) at Michigan State University. Founded last year as a division of Michigan State University Model United Nations (MSUMUN), RCMUN has experienced tremendous growth since our inaugural session, which featured only 4 schools and 40 delegates. Marketed as a learning conference, RCMUN offered two general assembly committees, UNESCO and World Health Organization, as well as a historical crisis committee, the National Aeronautics and Space Council, to cater to more experienced delegates. Opening Ceremonies had speeches from Ryan Castillo, Secretary-General of MSUMUN, and Mary Connolly, USG of RCMUN, as well as an introduction presentation to the U.N., Model U.N., MSUMUN, and RCMUN. During the two committee sessions of RCMUN, delegates passionately debated the issue of women development in rural communities and strategies for the eradication of Polio. The dais of both committees walked delegates through the Rules of Procedures and Resolution writing process, taking a hands-on approach to ensure the novice delegates were able to participate to the fullest extent!

Delegates of the NASC Committee pass notes between themselves

Parents and Advisors were invited to attend three separate sessions, appropriately titled “How to Teach Model U.N.”, “Our Community, Our Pride” – detailing MSUMUN community work and why M.U.N. matters, and “Conference Feedback.” For “How to Teach Model U.N.”, the Secretariat of MSUMUN explained the structure and procedure of M.U.N., shared helpful tips about how to teach Model U.N. through engaging activities and speaking exercises, and highlighted MSUMUN’s Outreach Corps – wherein our staff will go to schools to teach a Model U.N. lesson catered to their school’s students. More experienced advisors shared helpful websites and ideas which created a great environment so that all who attended benefited. The first informational session concluded by officially welcoming advisors to the M.U.N. community by gifting what every M.U.N.-er needs – a gavel! Advisors received a gavel with their school name and “RCMUN Session II” engraved, which the Secretariat hopes will provide the strength, inspiration, and leadership qualities contained in every M.U.N. gavel!

Delegates of UNESCO

With Resolutions passed and the moon claimed, RCMUN came to a close. Delegates reflected on the debate had, friends made, and the food consumed at Case Hall South Pointe Cafeteria, the most recently renovated cafeteria on campus – a hit with parents and delegates alike! Participation certificates were given to all delegates in addition to committee awards. Discovery Middle School from Plymouth, Michigan claimed the “Best Delegation.” Feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, with parents and advisors calling it the “classiest”, most “professional”, and engaging conference they have seen. This success could not have been possible without the work of the delegates, the advisors, our staff, and Secretariat. We are all thankful for the contributions that led to the second session of RCMUN’s obvious success! We look forward to continuing providing the type of high-quality conferences that have become expected when MSUMUN is involved!

Delegates of NASC

Spain raises his placard in committee.

Delegates of WHO

For more information! Check out the RCMUN page!


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