Model UN Country Profile and Policy Map

Researching your country for an upcoming Model UN Conference? Look no further- we’ve gathered some of the best country research resources on the web for you right here! Find your country on the map below and click on the red pin, and you’ll find some or all of the following resources for your country:

CIA World Factbook Page: The go-to for MUNers, the CIA World Factbook is filled with information about your country. The CIA Factbook has information about your country’s geography, its economy, its government, its population, and many more facts and figures!

Speeches at the UN: Want to find out what your country has actually said about the UN on your topic? Using the UN Member States on the Record tool, you can find all the statements your country has made to the UN General Assembly, Economic and Social Council, and Security Council in the past few decades.

Official Government Website: As a Model UN delegate, you’re representing the government of the country you’re assigned. Check out their website to see what your government has to say about the issue.

UN Permanent Mission: Check out your country’s permanent mission to the UN to find out who your Permanent Representative to the UN is, find quotes, and search for your country’s position on the most important issues to your committee.

BBC Timeline: Find the most important events in your country’s history! This can help you figure out why your country has the policies it does, and what your history may be with the other countries in your committee.

IMUNA Country Profile: The International Model United Nations Association has some quick facts and resources for MUNers on each country- check out yours!

How do I find my country on the Model United Nations Research Map?

  1. Click on the symbol in the top left hand corner of the map next to “Country Profile World Map” opening up a sidebar
  2. Click on the arrow “∨” under “Country Profile Map” to the left of “all items”
  3. A list of Member States will appear in alphabetical order
  4. Press “ctrl+f” and type in your country or scroll down the list to find your country