Spotlight: Sam Brothers of Georgetown University

by Sabrina on November 5, 2012

Meet Sam Brothers. Perhaps most of you already have. This Government & History major of Georgetown University has earned himself quite the reputation in recent years. His crisis managing successes and his well decorated delegate track record reflect what most of us wish to achieve in our Model UN careers.

Sam Brothers

I had the honor of playing victim to this mastermind’s unmatched crisis development at NCSC’s recent simulation of the 2017 Chinese Politburo. Truly the best committee I had ever been a part of, I had no choice but to share this modest Texan’s story with the world.

Once upon a time, Sam Brothers was born in Texas, and it was good.  He got way, way too interested in politics in high school—both international and domestic. His interests include reading, listening to music (mostly rap), biking, hiking, drinking tea (loose leaf!) and talking politics of any and all sorts with any and all people.

When and where did you start getting involved in Model UN?

My high school had a Model UN program, but it was extremely limited—we barely competed at all, but I knew it was something I wanted to do.  When I came to Georgetown, I leapt at the chance to try the activity and never looked back!

How does your expertise in MUN relate to your post-graduation and career plans?

I’m extremely interested in international security and geopolitics—I’d love to spend some time working for the U.S. government in some field related to international relations.  In the long-term, I’m interested in joining academia in some way, focusing on international politics from that perspective. MUN is a great way to get exposure to topics and issues in a dynamic, challenging environment.

How does your crisis directing differ from what you’ve seen on the circuit?

I think as a crisis manager, I place a large emphasis on communication, both with the rest of my staff and with delegates.  I try to keep delegates apprised of what they can and can’t do and why they can and can’t do it—that means every note gets a response if at all possible [confirmation from the editor: every single one of my three-digit note count got a response].

What is your Model UN downfall?

Like a lot of delegates, I definitely have some verbal tics that I can fall into pretty frequently—it’s annoying even to me, so I can only imagine how other people in committee feel about it!

Between being a delegate and running a committee, what is your one and only?

Running a committee, hands down.  You get to construct a whole universe that people have no choice but to live and think in—what’s not to love?

You’re notorious for excelling at representing positions opposite to your personal beliefs. Any tips you’re willing to share?

Having done three Republican National Committees during my time on the circuit (which people who know me find shocking), I think that’s definitely true. I view representing something like a Chinese secret agent or a Republican as a chance to really get into the head of a person and a system that I don’t understand fully—kind of a Sun Tzu, “know your enemy” style thing.  When you start thinking about the challenge that way, you start viewing it as an opportunity, not a problem.

Idolized by many, whom does Sam Brothers look up to on the circuit?

Pick anyone involved with the Georgetown team over the last three years, and you’re basically there. I take inspiration from a lot of our delegates of years past—Jag Singh, Arun Avva (shoutout to the U.S. National Security Apparatus, NAIMUN 50), Rajan Narang, Shareq Rashid—and from leaders on the team now like our conferences coordinator, Dane Shikman.  But honestly, I’m inspired by everyone on our team that I’ve had the privilege to compete with.

Are you involved in any organizations other than GIRA?

I currently edit an online section of the Georgetown Journal of International Affairs—which everyone should be reading! I am also an on-again, off-again member of the Georgetown University College Democrats.


10 Truths about Sam Brothers:

Favorite conference on the circuit?  Too hard to pick—they’re all special in their own ways at this point for me.

Favorite committee you have ever been a part of? I have two—Sino-Soviet Split, 1964 at NAIMUN 49 my freshman year—this was my introduction to model UN, and there are people I met staffing that committee who are still among my closest friends. The second was helping run the U.S. National Security Apparatus at NAIMUN 50 my sophomore year — five committees all interlinked in the same universe.  It was intense, to say the least.

Bucket List committee: the one that got away?  I’ve been talking over a Civil War Reconstruction JCC with a few people—one side would be Johnson’s cabinet, the other side would be the Radical Republican leadership in congress—but who knows if that’ll end up happening.

If you were a Disney princess, which would you be? This joke’s already old, but now that Disney bought Star Wars, probably Princess Leia.

Why would Donald Trump would fire you?  I believe Barack Obama was born in this country.

What do you order at Starbucks?  Green tea latte.

Favorite rapper?  Contemporary?  Kendrick Lamar. Historical?  Biggie Smalls.

Your poison at a Tea Party?  Black peach tea latte with agave nectar (like I said, I like my tea).

Deceased politician you would take to dinner?  Lyndon Baines Johnson.  Anyone who knows me even slightly knows this is true.

Hoya what?  SAXA!


I would like to personally thank Sam for redefining my notion of crisis directing. Big shout out to the whole Chinese Politburo team; you have set a standard.

Tony Lin & Alex Boudreau chairing the Chinese Politburo, crisis managed by Sam Brothers.

Editor’s Note: This is the third in a series of feature stories highlighting Model UN delegates at the middle school, high school and collegiate levels who are not only accomplished in the committee room, but embody the goal of Model United Nations to create global citizens of tomorrow.  Media Associates will take reader feedback into consideration when selecting delegates to be featured on a weekly basis. If you would like to see a delegate featured on our blog, please email us at with the subject “Spotlight.”

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