Pope Francis Addresses Harvard WorldMUN Delegates

by erik on March 17, 2016


Pope Francis entering WorldMUN (Photo credit: Lucia Avila Bedregal)

On March 17, delegates at WorldMUN got a special treat- a speech by none other than Pope Francis! According to Ansa English, here’s what he had to say:

“I hope your experience has led you to see the Church’s commitment to serving the needs of the poor and refugees, to supporting families and communities and protecting the inalienable dignity and rights of every member of the human family,” the pope told the young participants in the 2016 Harvard World Model United Nations.

We Christians believe that Jesus calls us to serve our brothers and sisters, to care for others irrespective of their provenance and circumstances,” he added.

“However, this is not a distinctive characteristic of Christians, but rather a universal call that is rooted in our common humanity,” Francis said.

“I pray that the United Nations and every member state might always be open to serving and caring for the world’s most vulnerable and marginalised people,” he continued. “Behind every problem the world faces there are men and women, young and old, people like you,” he added.

Read more at Ansa Italy.

Congratulations to the Harvard WorldMUN team on bringing in such a prestigious speaker!

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