The Ultimate Checklist for Delegates Before a Conference

by Chea-Mun Tan on April 28, 2016


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Preparation leading up to a Model UN conference requires a great deal of research, training, and time management. To help ease the process, we have compiled a simple guide for delegates to help you through the months, weeks, and days prior to a Model UN conference. Don’t forget to download the printable PDF checklist below!

3 months prior to the conference

 Find out your Delegation Assignment!

At around this time, conferences will release delegate assignments. This will determine whether you’ll be representing a nation or an organization, and in which committee, such as the General Assembly (GA), Security Council (SC), Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC), Disarmament Commission (DC), Environment Commission (EC), Human Rights Commission (HRC), International Court of Justice (ICJ) or the Advisory Panel (APQ). (eg. Delegate of Libya in ECOSOC). Depending on the conference, committees may vary!

 Know your Procedure!

During this period of time, familiarise yourself with procedural structure of the conference and the committee you’re assigned to. Keeping in mind that every conference carries a different procedure, it’s important that you read over the official handbook of the conference. Don’t forget to also research the procedures of the committee you’re in. Familiarising yourself with both the procedure and structure of the conference and your committee will allow for a smoother experience.

 Begin your Research

Once you’ve found out your delegation, it would be preferable that you start researching the issues of the committee and how it applies to the delegation you are representing. The earlier you start your research, the more time you’ll have to increase your knowledge on the nation/organization you’re representing, along with it’s relation to the issues of your committee. As the date of the conference approaches, your level of research should be increasing as well! As your research increases, start drafting clauses for resolutions on your issues.


1 month prior to the conference

 Continue your Research

At this point in time, you should be familiar with procedure and the committee’s structure. You should have a sufficient amount of in-depth research regarding your nation/organization and the issues within your committee. By starting your research much prior to the date of the conference, this will give you more time to update yourself on occurring issues and ask any questions that you may have. Always feel free to reach out to your chairs or conference organisers if you have any questions!

 Drafting your Resolutions

 Resolutions are an extremely importance aspect of a conference, as they are the focal point of debate. Drafting clauses to resolutions can be accomplished while you’re in the process of research several months before the conference; however, by the 1 month mark prior to the conference, make sure that you’re close to finishing this process. If you draft resolutions prior to the conference, you’ll have a foundation for effective lobbying sessions with fellow delegates. Making an early start to this process will also allow you to make more effective contributions towards debate, especially if you’re well informed on the topics of your committee.  An article written on Best Delegate regarding resolution writing can be found if you click here!

** Before you begin drafting a resolution, keep in mind that every MUN conference has different policies on pre-written resolutions.


1 to 2 weeks prior to the conference

 Opening Speeches

An opening speech is a mandatory 1 minute speech written and delivered by delegates of the committee. Opening speeches are one of the first impressions that delegates have on the committee to share their stance on the issues. Your opening speech can be written well in advance, however, delegates must ensure that opening speeches are complete by the 1-2 week mark prior to the conference, as this will give you time to practice! An article written on Best Delegate regarding opening speeches can be found if you click here!

**Before you begin drafting an opening speech, keep in mind that every MUN conference has different policies on whether an opening speech is mandatory!

 Dress to Impress

The dress code for MUN conferences is Western business attire. It’s preferable to keep what you plan on wearing in mind in order to avoid any wardrobe malfunctions. There are articles written on Best Delegate regarding dress code, which can be found for male delegates if you click here, and for female delegates if you click here!


1 day prior to the conference

 Make sure you’re ready to go!

The conference is only a day away! Make sure that your bag is packed with everything you need for the conference such as your laptop, stationary, thumb drive, opening speech, charger, etc. Lay our your attire on the night before the conference to ease your morning. With all the prior work that you’ve accomplished, the only thing left for you to do is enjoy the conference. Good luck!


Click here to download our free printable delegate preparation checklist!

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