THIMUN Singapore Liveblog: Youth Assemblies Propose Real Solutions to Issues

by KFC on November 18, 2011

One concept that is relatively foreign in North America but very popular in Europe and at THIMUN-affiliated conferences is the Youth Assembly (or YAs for short). YAs may take place as part of a Model UN conference or on its own, but it is not a simulation. Find out more about YAs in the video below and in the rest of the article!

Youth Assemblies feature students who represent themselves and they try to solve issues with real solutions that they can bring back to their local country. Students are given a topic but instead of producing resolutions, they have to produce projects that can be completed individually or as part of their YA group. Think of YAs as more of an incubator and networking platform for ideas that can be implemented by today’s youth than a Model UN simulation. In essence, YAs give students the ability to start changing the world.

A group of THIMUN Singapore Youth Assembly participants pose in front of a whiteboard with all their project ideas


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