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Top 10 Weekends of Spring 2011

by KFC on January 4, 2011

Model UN conference season is back! Best Delegate breaks down the Top 10 Weekends for the 2011 spring semester in chronological order. Best Delegate will also be featuring some of these conferences – check out our Tour Schedule!

Several conferences will be held at the UN: NHSMUN, NMUN, GCIMUN, and Montessori MUN (Photo credit: Loyola University of Chicago)

1. January 13-16: The season-opener takes place for the high school circuit. UBC’s UCBMUNC opens the college season a weekend earlier:

2. January 27-30: This is one of the most highly-anticipated, power-packed weekends of the season with several major conferences in the circuit:

  • Harvard’s HMUN
  • U. Penn’s ILMUNC
  • St. George’s School’s VMUN
  • McGill’s McMUN (College)

3. February 3-6: This is perhaps the most popular weekend of the spring semester with conferences around the country:

4. February 17-20: This is another competitive weekend in the season especially with college students competing at Harvard National for one of the national championships (the other being NMUN New York):

5. February 22-26: This is another busy weekend with conferences around the country including two college conferences:

6. March 3-6: Berkeley almost becomes the center of the Model UN universe as the West Coast gets the spotlight for a weekend:

7. March 9-12: Many high school delegates will be competing for the national championship at NHSMUN, but there are several other conferences taking place this weekend too:

8. March 31 – April 3: There will be plenty of action in the Northeast and beyond after students return from spring break and get their last conferences in before exams:

9, April 7-10: All the action continues with a second straight packed weekend:

10. April 17-23: New York and Chicago split the action as the college season wraps up. The two NMUN conferences combine for one of the largest conferences in the world and serves as one of the national championships on the college circuit:

The Top 10 Weekends is not meant to be a comprehensive list of all conferences in the spring but rather to highlight notable weekends with multiple major conferences – we realize many other major conferences such as Yale’s YMUN and UNA-USA’s GCIMUN have their respective weekends mostly to themselves. Every Monday we will provide lists of conferences for that upcoming weekend. However, please leave a comment and website link below if you notice a conference taking place in one of the above weekends is missing.

Best Delegate wishes all delegates and conference staff the best as they prepare for the spring season. Let us know which conferences you’re excited about!

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  • Pete Cassell

    Wamunc is in March, the 24th-27th sponsored by the George Washington University (high school level) and GWCIA is held every November (not the Spring), and its one of the very few middle school level conferences!

  • KFC

    @Pete – Thanks for bringing that up.

    It’s probably beneficial that conferences outside the Top 10 Weekends share their dates too so that the circuit is aware. I’ll start with a few major ones:

    Jan 20-23: Yale’s YMUN
    Feb 10-13: Johns Hopkins JHUMUNC and Boston University’s BosMUN
    Mar 18-21: Florida High Schools’ FHSMUN
    Mar 24-27: George Washington’s WAMUNC and Virginia’s VICS (college)
    May 12-16: UNA-USA’s GCIMUN and UC Davis’ DMUNC
    May 21-22: UC Irvine’s UCIMUN

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  • Ankur Bajja

    Hey KFC,

    Quick spelling correction–it’s spelled CIAC not CAIC.



    • Ankur Bajaj

      Sorry! My finger slipped–>there was an error in my name.

    • KFC

      Thanks Ankur. I made the change. Good luck with hosting the inaugural CIAC!

      By the way, both Ryan and I have organized college conferences before (and I went through the experience and growing pains of organizing the inaugural college conference at UCLA), so feel free to contact us for any advice or if you are interested in a workshop session with us:

      • Ankur Bajaj

        Thanks! Yeah, we’re very excited for the opportunity this provides, and are confident that we’ll be able to put Ithaca on the map for college MUN.

        Thanks for the suggestion!


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  • Neal Patel

    The NYUMUNC conference is held from April 1st – April 3rd this year and our official website is

    Thanks so much for the shout out though.


    Neal Patel
    Director General, NYUMUNC


    Hi. You left us out. We are the world’s largest MUN week…Thank you.

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