Tour Recap: Our Favorite Conferences and Moments from 2010-11

by KFC on September 2, 2011

Columbia CMUNCE and its Peter Pan committee were among our favorite conferences and committees to liveblog last year

Best Delegate is ready for the new season to start! We’ll be launching our tour schedule on Monday — check back to see which conferences we’ll be liveblogging this year!

In the meantime, here’s a recap from our tour last year. These were just personal favorite moments from our weekends on the road and we thought we’d share them for fun. We picked out our favorite conferences to liveblog, favorite committees, favorite opening ceremonies, favorite closing ceremonies, and favorite delegate to liveblog for both the high school and college circuits. Find out which ones made the lists below!

High School Circuit

Favorite Conferences to Liveblog

  • U. Chicago MUNUC: we produced some of our favorite articles of the entire year at this conference, including a strategy analysis, a committee feature, and the most emotional closing ceremonies ever. Thank you Reece Trevor for having me at the conference!
  • Columbia CMUNCE: the friendly Columbia staff led by Rhonda Shafei made sure to to help us capture the most interesting committees and the latest crises. The staff and the delegates also showed their appreciation by giving us roses!
  • Nationals NHSMUN: we had a great opportunity organized by Megan Spreitzer at NHSMUN to be part of a lineup of presentations to teachers that included Kiva and the World Bank, and we were able to turn that into a focus group to learn more about how we can help teachers improve Model UN. The conference itself featured all types of committees — the fun, the competitive, and even the one who sang to Admin.
  • We also enjoyed being at George Washington WAMUNC and at Seton Hall SHUMUN as both the staff and the delegates at those conferences really appreciated and enjoyed having Best Delegate blogging there. Ryan also got the chance to speak at the opening ceremonies for both conferences (links below).
Favorite Committees
  • Columbia CMUNCE – Peter Pan Committee: this fun committee had delegates dressed-up, solve interesting challenges, and even got into a Harry Potter debate.  The committee loved having Ryan around, engaged him in some of the activities, and even gave him a rose!
  • U. Chicago MUNUC – SOCHUM: this committee addressed a very important issue of getting more women involved in politics. Committees oftentimes have topics that address issues far away from the USA, but this topic is relevant here at home, too.
  • George Washington WAMUNC – Age of Imperialism crisis: elaborate costumes and access to the back stages of crisis staff made this joint cabinet crisis simulation interesting to observe.
  • Georgetown NAIMUN – UNDP: it’s always nice bumping into old and new fans on the road. UNDP Chair Deven Comen was a recent fan and Director Joan Xie had been one of our earliest fans (probably since 2008).
Favorite Opening Ceremonies
Favorite Closing Ceremonies
  • U. Chicago MUNUC: this is what Model UN is about — rewarding those who have made a difference, reflecting on how it has changed one’s life for the better, and thanking friends who have made the journey memorable — in the most emotional closing ceremonies ever.
  • Berkeley BMUN: BMUN’s closing ceremonies has a tradition of committee “rapporteurs” giving speeches about their committees — some were funny, some were emotional, and then there were those who rapped about it.
Favorite Delegate to Liveblog
  • Howon Lee, Gunn High School (California): Howon was always seen as a leader in the middle of the action (and oftentimes in a pink shirt). Ryan and I both independently caught him in committee at Contra Costa CCCMUN, Georgetown NAIMUN, and Berkeley BMUN.

College Circuit

Favorite Conferences to Liveblog
Favorite Committees
Favorite Opening Ceremonies
  • West Point WPSC: the setting was beautiful, the atmosphere was professional, and the ceremonies were grand. West Point definitely knew how to welcome their delegates in their own unique way.
Favorite Closing Ceremonies
  • Harvard HNMUN: we captured the epic celebration where a Yale delegate took off his shirt to reveal another shirt that says “America’s Best Model UN Team” after Yale won Best Large Delegation.
  • Yale SCSY: the University of Chicago team proudly does their school chant after winning Best Large Delegation.
Favorite Delegate to Liveblog
What were your favorite conferences and favorite moments from last year? We’d love to know!
  • Guest

    Bells and whistles, national anthems and costumes are all very well. But at the end of the day, for any committee, substantive quality has to be the most important factor. And by this criterion, the CPC at NCSC was absolutely awful. The chair was apathetic, to put it politely, towards debate, which tended to be of an appallingly low standard. The entire “point” of the committee was the election held on the Saturday and the delegate who won that popularity contest won Best Delegate even though he had given only one speech the entire weekend and shown no knowledge of the topics at all.

    NCSC is a fantastic conference in general but this committee was a terrible, if impressively theatrical, idea. Unfortunate that Best Delegate is listing it as one of the year’s best.

    • Kevin Felix Chan

      I see your point and there’s been a concern about the substantive quality of many crisis and creative committees on the college circuit.

      We chose the CPC at NCSC as one of our favorites from the perspective as a blogger — it was fun to observe and write about. We weren’t delegates in any of the committees so it’s quite possible that our Favorite Committees list would have been different if we were selecting based on different criteria.

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