Tour the United Nations with Pokemon Go!

by lizabell on July 28, 2016

The latest craze to date, Pokemon Go is not only sweeping the United States, but the international community! The location-based virtual reality game is available in over thirty countries and this number only continues to grow. For the countries that currently do not have access to Pokemon Go, fear not! It is available on the international soil of the United Nations! Join the many diplomats, interns, and UN Staff in catching them all when you visit the United Nations.

The United Nations and surrounding area is full of Poke stops. Check out the six UN-related Pokestops outside of the UN. You can get your fill of Pokeballs, potions, and the very mysterious 2km, 5km, and 10km eggs! Not to mention the many lures that tourists and other trainers attach to these stops!

Pokestops outside UN

If you are able to get into the UN for a tour, you can also reach the more exclusive Pokestops inside the UN!

inside UN

After you go to all the Pokestops, make sure to check out the area for Pokemon! There are a bunch of Pokemon that roam First Avenue. Trainers have seen Squirtles, Muks, Onyxes, and even Hitmonchans!

nearby pokemon

Common Pokemon in the area are Zubats, Clefairys, and of course Pidgeys.

near UN 1 near UN 2

What are you waiting for? Go out and tour the United Nations while you go become the very best with Best Delegate!

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