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by Ryan on March 27, 2011

Cape Coral High School from Florida won Best Large Delegation for the second year in a row

The Washington Area Model United Nations Conference (WAMUNC) just ended!

Click “Learn More” below to see pictures and video of closing ceremonies.

Cape Coral High School worked hard to win their second Best Large Delegation award in a row:

The conference ended with a heartfelt speech by Secretary-General Kelsey King and the GWU fight song:

Thank you to Kelsey and the WAMUNC staff for having me visit! Special thanks to Sheng Zhou and Behnam Ben Taleblu for hosting me. And congratulations to all delegates, advisors, and staff on a wonderful conference!

  • Laura

    Congrats to Kelsey King and the entire WAMUNC staff. Job well done!

  • RWJ

    Congrats to Cape Coral!! Perhaps in the future Best Delegate will consider recognizing SWFLMUN for the significant level of challenge the conference presents. As good a team as Cape Coral has, as proven by their win at WAMUNC, they were unable to win a delegation award at SWFLMUN, because Port Charlotte, Gulf Coast and Canterbury won the top three team awards respectively. SWFLMUN might be smaller in size than many conferences, but the quality of competition is certainly evident. Cudos to Cape once again.

    • KFC

      Hi RWJ,

      That’s good to know. Port Charlotte and Canterbury are really good and have significant delegation awards this year to prove it, and I know Gulf Coast is pretty good too since I saw them at GTMUN. It’s possible that SWFLMUN is similar to some of the high school-hosted conferences in Southern California — under the radar nationally but very challenging in competition.

    • http://FindMeOnFacebook John Levenhagen

      I believe the reason we were unable to obtain a delegation award at FGCU’s conference is because they give them out based by country, and not school. Most of the schools stock up their strongest delegates on one single country and win one delegation award that way, and we have done that in years past. We tried something new this year in splitting our strongest delegates into two countries to try and win two awards. This proved unsuccessful, although we did walk away with two “superior delegate” awards (there are far fewer committees than WAMUNC), many meritorious and outstanding delegate awards, and numerous honorable mentions. Although Port Charlotte is always our biggest competition, I personally believe that we are stronger than Canterbury and Gulf Coast as a delegation (although Gulf Coast writes some amazing position papers, no doubt about that!) However, I do not believe this discredits the FGCU conference in any way, for it seems to be more difficult than conferences such as WAMUNC and BOSMUN, but thats my personal opinion. I hope you appreciate the input!

  • Sheng Zhou

    Ya we are pretty awesome. Not gonna lie. I love typing this with Ryan right next to me lol

  • John

    Can someone please post the slideshow pictures somewhere??? i’d be forever greatful

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