Webinar: Using MUN to Make Your College Applications STAND OUT

by Gordon on November 5, 2013

Best Delegate is excited to announce its first online webinar!

Online Webinar Flyer

Our webinar is focused on informing and helping high school students with college MUN and applications. We have assembled a diverse panel from universities all around North America that come from the Best Delegate team. The founder of Best Delegate, Ryan Villanueva will also be speaking about his experiences traveling to conferences around the world.

November 10, 2013

4:00PM EST


We only have limited spots for this webinar so please fill out the Google Form below to receive more information such as the link for the meeting.


These are our four panelists and their respective universities.


Nikita Barde

Rutgers University

Rutgers University’17


Lwam Stefanos, Colgate University

Colgate University

Colgate University ’14


Shreshta Balachandar

University of Pennslyvania

University of Pennsylvania’17


Ginny Tan

Ginny Tan

McGill University’17


Ryan Villanueva Yale University Co-Founder of Best Delegate

Co-Founder of Best Delegate Yale University

Co-Founder of Best Delegate
Yale University’08


Be one of the first people to experience Best Delegate’s new online webinar initiative!

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