Weekly Resolution – October 18

by KFC on October 18, 2010

Highlights: Recaps of Yale’s SCSY, Central Florida’s KnightMUN, and UC Berkeley’s BayMUN; another look at the epic SCSY conference with our liveblog and video interviews; and previews of  Georgia Tech’s GTMUN, Horace Mann High School’s HoMMUNC, Collegiate Carolinas, MEXMUN, and Inter-Generational MUN.


Conference Recaps

Security Council Simulation at Yale (SCSY)

U. Chicago with SCSY Secretariat after winning Best Large Delegation

SCSY was epic! Check out our Liveblog of the conference:

  • Pre-conference meeting,
  • Opening Ceremonies including interviews with delegates from West Point and Cornell,
  • Day 2 feature of the Paradise Lost committee and its epic crisis updates,
  • Day 3 updates including interviews with delegates from U. Chicago and Roger Williams,
  • Exclusive interviews with Secretary-General Dahlia Mignouna and Assistant Secretary-General for Social Media Emmanuel Quartey on conference innovation, and
  • Closing Ceremonies, including awards analysis and U. Chicago’s cheer after winning Best Large Delegation.

You can also relive the conference through the SCSY media channels, including their blog, Facebook page, Twitter, and Youtube channel.

The University of Chicago won 7 Best Delegate awards to take Best Large Delegation while the University of Pennsylvania won Outstanding Large Delegation. The United States Military Academy at West Point took Best Small Delegation and Columbia received the Outstanding Small Delegation.

Along with Chicago, Penn, West Point, and Columbia, the following schools also had Best Delegate award winners: Vanderbilt, University of Toronto, Colgate, Boston College, Stanford, Cornell, and Harvard.

University of Central Florida’s KnightMUN

Guest Contributor: Anthony Aslou, Executive Director of KnightMUN

This was the ninth annual KnightMUN conference (KnightMUN IX) which has been traditionally held in the Fall. It featured the OIC, NATO, Security Council, General Assembly 4th, UNDP, WHO, and the IAEA. The conference had Dr. Milani as its guest speaker. Dr. Milani is a professor at the University of South Florida and has has written extensively about the Persian Gulf, the Iranian Revolution, and Iran’s foreign and security policies. About 285 delegates from 19 schools attended this conference, which is an outstanding turnout from all across the state of Florida.

University of California, Berkeley’s BayMUN

Guest Contributor: Karina Chan, Delegate from UC Davis

UC Berkeley’s college MUN club hosted its BayMUN conference at the UC Berkeley campus. The conference was essentially a day-long training conference for Berkeley students and its guests of honor, UC Davis, in preparation for the college circuit and Berkeley’s UCBMUNC college conference which will be held from March 3-6, 2011 in San Francisco. It simulated the Reformed Security Council and the staff routinely brought in actors for crisis updates that made it more interesting than the usual Security Council. Dan Hansen from UC Davis represented the Russian Federation and won Best Delegate. The conference was led by Secretary-General Julia Uyttewaal.

Best Delegate is still looking for a recap from the Edison High School Model United Nations conference (EHSMUN) and the Washington University Model United Nations Symposium (WUMUNS). If you staffed or attended either one conference and would like to submit a recap, go here and we’ll feature the best entry next week!

Community News

Stand out by learning 3 tips on what to say in Ryan's latest article. (Photo from William & Mary International Relations Club)

3 Public Speaking Tips on What to Say. Ryan covers three public speaking tips that help delegates be more effective in figuring out what to say by focusing on one idea, using a framework, and persuading instead of just describing.

How Top Teams Strategically Select Conferences. Kevin explains how top travel teams strategically select conferences, including the need to build a purposeful lineup of conferences and how philosophy of judging could affect a team’s chances of winning awards.

UBC prepares for World MUN. The University of British Columbia started recruiting for its World MUN delegation to Singapore. This team will be part of the UBC bid to host the 2012 World MUN conference.

Contribute to the FairTrade Journal. The FairTrade journal is looking for submissions for its inaugural issue that will focus on the experiences and narratives of women around the world. The online journal is hosted by the University of Mary Washington.

What’s your craziest story? The Circuit is looking for submissions from college students on their craziest Model UN story. The winning story will get featured in the website.

Life is rich. The blog Lively Albatross reflects on the experience of attending the Istanbul MUN Forum.

Upcoming Conferences

Best Delegate will be liveblogging at Georgia Tech’s GTMUN this week and may potentially drop by Horace Mann’s HoMMUNC during the weekend.

Best Delegate will be at GTMUN!

Georgia Tech Model United Nations (GTMUN)

Georgia Tech Model United Nations is one of the largest high school conferences in the southeastern United States. The conference is sponsored by the San Nunn School of International Affairs and emphasizes authenticity and accuracy in country policies and awards the George P. Burdell Cup to the delegation that best represents their country. It has a unique Monday-Tuesday schedule and will take place from October 18-19. The conference will feature a lineup of 13 traditional UN committees and is led by Secretary-General Kelsie Riemenschneider.

Horace Mann High School Model United Nations Conference (HoMMUNC)

New York City powerhouse Horace Mann High School hosts its annual HoMMUNC conference on October 23. The conference is one of the largest one-day conferences in the northeastern United States and is expected to draw 500 high school delegates from five states this year. This year’s HoMMUNC is under the leadership of Secretaries-General Greg Barancik, Matt Fox, and Sarabeth Spitzer.

Collegiate Carolina’s Conference (website)

The University of North Carolina, Charlotte hosts its 21st annual college conference from October 22-23 and will feature three committees: the General Assembly, League of Arab States, and the Security Council. This conference strives to be environmentally friendly by using projector technologies instead of paper in committees. James Hildreth is the Secretary-General.

Mexico Model United Nations (MEXMUN)

If Venezuela has a reputation for producing some of the best delegates from Latin America, then Mexico may be king when it comes to organizing Model UN conferences. MEXMUN will be hosting its twentieth annual high school conference from October 21-23 at the Mexico City campus of Tecnológico de Monterrey (ITESM). This trilingual conference features six committees conducted in English, seven in Spanish (including one exclusively for junior high students), and one in French. The faculty advisor is Ruben Moreno Zavala, a fellow former UNA-USA MUN staffer.

Inter-Generational Model United Nations (website)

The UNA-San Francisco chapter and the World Affairs Council Northern California chapter will co-host the Inter-Generational Model United Nations conference on October 23 as part of its UN-65 Celebration weekend. Inter-generational conferences are opportunities for adults as well as students without Model UN at their schools to participate in MUN, and UNA chapters and World Affairs Council chapters are two great organizations to hear speakers and learn how to get involved with world issues locally.

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