WMHSMUN: 25th Conference—The total Model UN Experience

by Emily on November 21, 2011

2nd Punic Wars Double Joint Crisis: A Roman Command Representative invades the Carthage Committee

From an actual Press Corps article written by delegate Elena Napolitano:

WMHSMUN: 25th Conference—The total Model UN Experience

Every year, The College of William and Mary, America’s second oldest university, transforms their campus into consulates, hideouts, and sessions and invites world and U.S. leaders such as Marcus Amellius, Marc Norman, and Lieutenant General Kanichiro Tashiro for their annual Model United Nations Conference. Delegates from all over the country came to Williamsburg last night (Friday) to take part in the 25th anniversary of this conference, and a school from Costa Rica was even in attendance.

Day 1 of The College of William and Mary High School Model United Nations Conference (WMHSMUN) began with opening ceremony speeches from this year’s Secretary General, William Shimer, and keynote speaker Marc Norman, Deputy Director for Regional Affairs. In additional efforts to get delegates into a “change the world” mindset of the United Nations, the William and Mary International Relations Club introduced its philanthropy, Charity:Water, and accepted donations from students for it.


Here, delegates debate some of the world’s most contested issues, preparing them to vote, run for office, and leave their mark on the world. With committees ranging from novice to specialized agencies, this conference

Chinese Communists: Assassination in the Chinese Communists committee, part of the Triple Joint Crisis with Chinese Nationalists and Japanese Cabinet

has a place for every MUN student, even those who don’t speak English! The Organization of American States, one of the specialized agencies, is being run entirely in Spanish.  The crisis committees, including the Japanese Cabinet, the Chinese Communist Party, the Chinese Nationalist Party, the Mexican Cabinet, the Apple, Inc. Executive Board, and the NCAA Board of Directors, have responded with alacrity and foresight to the difficult and pressing issues they face. From the spectacular opening ceremonies to the intensity of unmoderated caucus, WMHSMUN XXV has an air of serious academic competition. The delegates’ focus and determination is matched only by the chairs’ commitment, while a fantastic secretariat and staff have made this conference one for the books. Said keynote speaker Marc Norman, a Deputy Director in the Office of the Coordinator for Counter-Terrorism, we must “try to come together” in “reaching a mutual understanding” of the problems we face and how to solve them, embodying the spirit of WMHSMUN XXV.

Some of the latest topics being discussed are the European Union Bailouts, Charity Water campaigns, China vs. Japan, Arab League, and Human trafficking rights.


It is safe to say delegates are well on their way to do exactly what they set out to do: create resolutions, change circumstances, and in turn, impact the world.

A press update in the Ad-Hoc Committee of the Secretary Genera

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