Want to hone your Model UN skills, learn about global issues, and meet other students from around the world? Then the MUN Institute is for you! Check out our new video that shows you how […]

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This guest article was written by Ben Monticello, who was the Head Delegate for Michigan State University for the ‘16-‘17 season and was nominated to the Best Delegate All Star First Team in May. Crisis, it’s […]

2016-2017 MUN Educators of the Year

by Conna Walsh on June 5, 2017

All students have had one or more educators who changed their lives for the better – maybe a teacher that inspired them to follow a certain career path, or a principal who helped them through a […]

Welcome to Moderated Caucus, a series examining the questions that keep delegates, chairs and secretariats up at night. Should closing ceremonies have guest speakers? Does crisis actually count as MUN? How do you explain to […]


Which college Model UN teams are the best on the circuit? There are many definitions of success in Model UN, and awards are not the purpose of Model UN. Nevertheless, awards have existed in Model UN for many […]

Survey: The Best Way to Choose MUN Leaders

by Joey Moore on May 26, 2017


Meet the MUN Institute Program Managers

by Conna Walsh on May 23, 2017


The MUN Institute is a huge endeavor – so many people put in hard work all year round so that our students have unforgettable experiences each summer. The MUN Institute Program Managers are especially dedicated […]

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Purpose: The purpose of the North American College Model UN All-Star Team is to recognize exemplary individuals in the college MUN community who have made a difference inside and outside of committee. These sometimes represent […]

Model UN and Senior Year

by Joey Moore on May 16, 2017