A guest article by Raya Sawalha (Head of Media) who wrote a recap for National Orthodox School MUN (NOSMUN) in Jordan.  NOSMUN was a miniscule club in the National Orthodox School, founded in 2006 by […]

Free Ambassador Guide for Advanced Model UN Delegates

by Laurabeth Goldsmith on February 8, 2016

Ambassador Guide Square

Have a STRATEGY to win at Model UN Conferences? Download our free Ambassador Guide for Advanced MUNers! We will show you how to impress your MUN Committee chair, enhance your public speaking, and write high […]

10 Things Delegates Do After a Model UN Conference

by Natalia Daza on February 5, 2016


1.Keeping your placard and name tag on that one special place in your bedroom. 2.Posting pictures with your delegation in at least one social network. Tags including inside jokes are expected. #ModelingattheUN 3.Keep sending messages […]

MUN Made Easy: Resolution Writing

by Amanda Lee on February 3, 2016

Screen Shot 2016-02-03 at 12.38.57 PM

Preambular Clauses: What are we trying to solve and why? When delegates spend hours upon hours trying to solve a major problem of the world, numerous subtopics will be discussed. For example, the topic of […]


A lot of MUNers have imagined themselves working at the United Nations. Unfortunately, many of those individuals have never applied to intern or work for the United Nations. Some MUNers do not even know how to apply — […]

Kuwait Flag

   Striving to lead one of the first fully high school student run MUN conferences in Kuwait, Secretary General Sarah Tahir discusses preparations and how delegates can prepare for Kuwait International MUN (KIMUN) in this […]

The OPCW booth at THIMUN Hague reminded me of my DISEC days

Does being a specialist in a type of Model UN committee help win more gavels? Is being a generalist — trying a variety of MUN committees — more of an educational experience? These are the […]

Point of Order

In Model UN committees, there’s a different kind of curse word: personal pronouns. I, me, you, he, she, and more- try using them in a formal speech, and you’ll tend to get the same result. “POINT […]

THIMUN Qatar 2016 Press

A tale of an admin turned Secretary-General of THIMUN Qatar 2016. Adeeba Ahmad talks about peacemaking and MUN community service in this interview. Kymberley: Why did you join MUN? Adeeba:  Surprisingly enough, I did not […]

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