10 Things Delegates Do at their First MUN Conference

by Christian Ventura on January 18, 2018

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We’ve all been there: the first MUN conference. For a select few delegates, this conference goes surprisingly well—they get superlatives, commendations, and even awards. For most delegates, their first conference is a chance to grow and experience the […]

Mastering Note Passing in Model UN

by Dhruva Nistane on January 17, 2018

Committee Notes Credits: Kali Walia

Communication is at the heart of Model UN. Without communication, there is no way to share ideas, explain viewpoints, and form blocs. While a great deal of communication occurs during speeches in moderated caucuses and […]


by Alexandros Economou on January 16, 2018


Written by Adam Himes, Secretary General of SIMUN XVI. Congratulations to all who have won awards, and the Saint Ignatius Model UN Team for a successful conference. The first weekend of November is always a […]

Five Reasons You Should Apply for the 2018 Diplomacy Fellowship!

by Katrina Stevenson on January 15, 2018


Best Delegate is currently looking for Diplomacy Fellows to teach students this summer at the 2018 Model United Nations Institute (MUNI). Diplomacy Fellows serve a paid position throughout the summer traveling with Best Delegate staff and teaching Model […]

Don’t Forget to Apply for the 2018 Diplomacy Fellowship

by Katrina Stevenson on January 11, 2018


Spend the summer doing what you love most – Model United Nations! Best Delegate is searching for top university students to serve as Diplomacy Fellows, English Exchange Fellows, and Residential Counselors this summer at the […]

My Experience With Best Delegate’s Workshop Mentors

by Zoey Fisher on December 29, 2017


I was in a crisis committee and running out of ideas on how to move forward. Then, I remembered the notes I had from my mentoring session back in the summer. I smirked to myself, […]

Students working together in Model United Nations

Katrina Hill is teacher in Roanoke, Virginia, where she teaches language arts and social studies to students in middle school. Katrina started the school’s Model UN program as an Advisor three years ago, and had […]

How MUN Came to South Texas

by Daniel Ordonez on December 28, 2017

A dripping wet Friday afternoon and a cold Saturday morning on December 15th and 16th marked the 3rd installment of STIMUN, the biggest MUN conference in the South Texas circuit. With over 70 students STIMUN is the biggest […]

5 Steps to Hosting Your First MUN Club Meeting

by Claire Wyszynski on December 21, 2017


Model UN has something for everybody. Knowledge of world events, public speaking, formal writing, cultural awareness, and new friendships represent just some of the advantages of the activity. Despite the educational opportunities, many clubs in their […]