BUSUN Liveblog: Day 2 continued plus Interviews with Secretaries-General and Stuyvesant High School

by KFC on November 14, 2010

BUSUN Day 2 continues! Best Delegate covered opening ceremonies and some of the crisis committees during Day 2. After lunch, I had a chance to interview co-Secretaries-General Jerry Cedrone and Andrew Berg about their experience, Brown University, and what Model UN has meant to them:

I then dropped to catch the action in other committees including the Oslo Peace Process, the Iran Hostage Crisis, WTO, WHO, UNDP, and the US Senate. I also got to interview a delegate from Stuyvesant High School in New York.

The Oslo Peace Process was facilitated by Director Steven Arroyo who is also a Best Delegate reader.

Oslo Peace Process in caucus

Making a point at the Oslo Peace Process

Here are some other committees in action:

Receiving an update in the Iran Hostage Crisis

Contemplating solutions in the WTO

Moderated caucus in the WHO

Presenting draft resolutions in the UNDP

The US Senate featured heated debate about healthcare reform. Actually, debate may not even continue — the Republicans plotted to walk out of the chamber while the Democrats figured out specifics on the issue:

Republicans planning to walk out of debate

Democrats framing healthcare reform

Sam from Stuyvesant High School shares some insight into the topics that have been discussed so far in the US Senate committee:

Delegates look like they are having a lot of fun at BUSUN! Let us know what you think of the conference in the comments!

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