Model UN Teachers and Advisors

advisorsModel UN is an incredible learning experience for students from the Elementary to University levels. It can change their lives, their worldview, their college choices, and their eventual career track. Teachers and Advisors are the more important factor in introducing students to Model UN. Advisors make sure that Model UN students learn how to participate, can compete at conferences, and hone their knowledge of the world to improve students’ ideas in debate. While much of this site is dedicated to helping students succeed in Model UN, we’ve also cultivated resources to share with advisors and teachers to help you bring Model UN to your students.

Of course, our top resource for advisors is the Best Delegate Advisors Institute. Each summer we host the Advisors Institute as a week-long professional development program for Model UN advisors, where we introduce advisors to the best teaching strategies and Model UN tips, and share exclusive Best Delegate teaching resources with Model UN advisors from around the world. Interested in our Advisors Institute? Click here for more details!

Top Resources for Your Students

  • Our Ambassador Guide contains nearly 20 pages of the best advanced delegate strategies, research tips, public speaking advice and more for you to share with your students. Feel free to print off copies for your entire club!
  • The Model UN Country Profile and Policy Map is the best way to introduce your students to their country, with links for each country to some of the most helpful and credible resources available online.
  • Our NGO Guide will introduce your students to how to research Non-Governmental Organizations for their committee, and give examples of 80 of the best NGOs in the world to help them find solutions to their topic.
  • The Model United Nations Institute (MUNI) has programs for every level of delegate each summer, at programs across the US. Elementary, Middle School, and High School students can sign up for programs catered exactly to their level of Model UN, and join an alumni network of nearly 1000 students across the world and gone on to some of the top universities and jobs in the world. Interested in how MUNI helps students succeed in Model UN and get into their dream school? Click here to check out our Hall of Fame!

Helpful Teacher and Advisor Articles from our Website

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Model UN Group Workshops

Are you a new Model UN club that wants help getting started? Or is your team ready to compete for delegation awards? Best Delegate offers workshops for Model UN teams and organizations. In addition to helping your team learn the skills and knowledge to succeed at your next conference, we will leave you with exercises and tips so that you can keep training your members for the future. You can find more information by clicking here.